Love; Live Heaven

Love; Live Heaven

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Each and every man has to die for a heaven, but now I realize that the dying is not important for heaven. I would like to share something fabulous with my readers, like you. Life starts so late, by then is half way! Am I to move forward with what I have? Expected to live this way and sail the wave which cleanses the heart.

Once upon a time we were best friends; we both were together since childhood. Of-course same school and I would say that was the bittersweet time of my life, but all of sudden she wanted to go for Interior designing and I wanted to waste myself with Engineering. After completing our studies we decided to meet because we knew that we love each other but still we were not committed, why? I don’t know.

After long time, finally, the moment came, she was standing in front of me with long black- brown hair, soft brown skin that was too hidden by her dark black skirt. And I wanted to lose myself in her deep twin dimple and her dark eye. I was continuously concentrating on her beauty. Suddenly, I shook my head to realize that now we were at the airport and we have flight within next 15 min.

I moved almost to her, when we were seated cozily together at different seats in same flight. Suddenly she started crying with silent sound and I was totally blank, tried to tackle and understand the situation but still I was confused. Then she closed her beautiful eyes and grabbed my hand, and suddenly all lights were off and a bit of moon light was trying to enter from window. In a while she opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. She was little bit happy now, because I grabbed her hand too and was so delighted to have me so close to her. And she kept looking at me in that way, for some time raising her eyebrows slightly and still smiling. She asked me, ‘tell me how you are feeling at this instant, with me?’

I put my arms around her and biting her ear, I said, ‘Don’t ask me. I won’t be able to describe it. I just want to say one thing…’ then I whispered in her ear, I am madly in love with you, I rested my chin on her shoulder. I love you too; she said and moved her finger all the way from my forearms to the wrist, then the palm and finally into the space between my fingers. At that moment, I felt so complete, I realize how, just like me, she too wanted to live that moment as if it should never end. I held her in my arm for sometime. From the romantic movie I had seen till then, I knew that holding your beloved in your arms that way is such a different feeling. But that it would be so magical, I never knew.

To understand and believe certain things, you have to experience them. And love is one such thing. Hmmm … Actually, it’s not a thing-it’s a lot more than that. We were speechless again, just feeling each other. But who needed to talk? Silence was talking at its best. But threatening the silence, another thought crept into my heart, all of a sudden … Should I kiss her? And, with that, the battle between my heart and mind started. Heart: Yes. Mind: No. Heart: Why not? This is such a perfect moment. I think I should. Mind: What if she doesn’t feel good about it? Heart: But will I get a moment like this again? I should take a chance right now … Mind: Chance? First, look into the mirror and ask yourself if you can do this in the first day itself! Heart: Stop that nonsense. I am going ahead. Mind: Good luck. Heart: Thanks. Mind: Hey wait a sec. Heart: Now what? Mind: Are you comfortable? You know. Heart: Shut up! Now, this happens to me most of the time. Sometimes, I think, I am not too strong, mentally and that’s why my heart always wins. But, to be very honest, I just love that. I oxygenated my lungs with a deep breath and she is almost 180 degree. We now were facing each other. My arms were still around her and off course her hands were on my shoulders. I looked into her eyes. I grabbed her Looked straight into her eyes I told her, I do things and I do them in my own way. I was prepared to feel something for the very first time in my life and I won’t lie - my heartbeats, at that moment, were faster than Schumacher in his Ferrari and finally I touched heaven….

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