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Love Is Not Blind!!!

Love Is Not Blind!!!

5 mins

Susan was excited to meet her friends after 7 years at a college reunion. She thought to herself " I wish all my friends attend this reunion, it's been a long time we met. I missed those joyful days". While she was lost in her thoughts she remembered one person whom she did not wish to see again in her life, she hesitated for a moment to think about her ex-love, she was happily married to Robin and was a mother to a lovely girl. She loved her life and family more than anything else in this world now. But at times she wondered why her Ex ditched her, what was more important to him than her. Why he did not come to give send off to her on the last day. She was so angry with him, she did not read or answer his emails, nor answered his calls. As the days passed his messages and emails stopped. 

She prayed in her mind "God, please don't send Anirudh to this function. I do not wish to see his face again in my life". While all these thoughts were running in her mind, the train halted in Mangalore. Susan got out of the train and met her dearest friend Reshma. Reshma hugged Susan affectionately and was happy to see Susan after along time.

Susan and Reshma drove to college and parked their car, while Susan was about to get out she heard a car honk from behind. Susan got out of the car and peeped to see who was the person who honked, It was him. it was her ex-love, whom she never wanted to meet. Her face turned red, she hurriedly walked towards the auditorium.

As soon as she entered the auditorium, the crowd had gathered and it was noisy. All her classmates and friends came to her and exchanged greetings. while they were busy chatting; a crowd was cheering for someone in a loud noise.

 Anirudh pushed the wheelchair of a lady on a red carpet and entered the auditorium. Susan curiously looked at Reshma and asked who is it?? why everyone is cheering for her?? What is Anirudh doing here??

Reshma said "oh that is Anirudh's wife Preethi, She had bagged a prestigious award for her contribution to society. She is amazing but she is disabled, she cannot walk by herself".

After listening to Reshma, Susan felt a bit jealous for her coz Anirudh was holding her in his arms and helping her to sit on a chair. She muttered to herself " Love is blind, She must be a rich chick, that is why Anirudh married her, pity her to have married a rogue".

while the ceremony and speech were going on, Reshma and Susan came out of the auditorium. Meanwhile, Anirudh came out to attend a phone call, he saw Susan and called out for her.

Susan turned around and looked at him. He walked to her " Susan, my god I can't believe it. How are you??". Susan just gave a sarcastic smile"I am fine, how are you??".

Looking at her discomfort " I am doing superfine".

Susan gave an irritating look and said, " Ya, you are well-settled guy now, I think Preethi must be rich enough to fund you and your parties".

These words hit hard on Anirudh, "What nonsense are you talking, why should Preethi fund me. I run my own business and earn money good enough to take care of my family".

Anirudh continued in an angry tone " you will never change Susan, Even that day you did not bother to check why I did not come to the station, you are always bothered about your ego and never gave me a chance to explain. I met with an accident while I was coming to meet you on the last day, I sent many messages and emails to which you did not reply. Then one fine day I decided to move on in my life and stopped troubling you. 

He sighed for a moment "I met Preethi in an orphanage, she was different from the rest. She was eager to do something for society. she studied hard and had a vision of her own for society. I was moved by her determination and positive thoughts, initially, we were good friends. She had helped to come out of my luxury zone and encouraged me to start a business and excel in it. she was always there for me whenever I was in need. I love the way she is and she accepted me the way I am and changed me without hurting me or degrading me the way you used to do. We both are made for each other and I do not see her disability as a reason to betray her. I love her from the bottom of my heart. Out of courtesy, I spoke to you, nothing else.

"Love is not blind Susan, it is the people's thoughts that are blind. You wanted me to be successful, earn money, have a high status, and impress your father. whereas Preethi supported me to achieve everything without putting me down. Love blooms only when there is respect to each other's feelings when two hearts understand and lead a life without thinking too much about status and ego. Anyways I found my true love in Preethi, Hope you are happy with your husband". He walked away towards Preethi and joined the conversation.

Susan was ashamed for her words and now, She realized that her ego had killed the relationship between her and Anirudh and she missed that wonderful guy in her life.

P.S: Love is not blind, people thoughts are blind. They forget to love and start judging more in a relationship and end up killing love among them.

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