Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.
Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Archisman Rout

Children Fantasy Thriller


Archisman Rout

Children Fantasy Thriller

Journey to Rabbit Temple

Journey to Rabbit Temple

7 mins 3.7K 7 mins 3.7K

Once upon a time, there lived a boy whose name was Rohan. He lived in a bungalow. His father’s name was Ravi and his mother’s name was Seema. They all lived very happily. One day, Rohan asked his mother, what kind game which his ancestors used to play with. His mother told Rohan that the game was in the store room. Rohan searched for the game but did not get any games. When he was going out of the store room he found a Golden book with hard-cover . He thought that the book was kept there by his ancestors.

Rohan tried to open the book, but could not. Then he read the back side of the book. It was written that to open the book one needed to provide his thumb impression. Rohan tried his thumb impression and it worked. He was surprised to know that his ancestors had made a book which was futuristic and which could recognise his thumb impression after so many years of their death. He felt very happy for his ancestors’ talent and started reading the first page. Only one sentence was written in the entire page.

“To go to the Rabbit temple you need to go to the Kerala.”

When Rohan was going to read the second page, his mother called out for dinner. So Rohan left the book at the store and went for dinner. After having his dinner, before going to sleep he asked his mother whether they could go to Kerala the next day? His mother assured him of going, but not next day.Rohan was happy and slept. The next day, Rohan again went to store room and opened the book and read the second page. It was one line in the entire page just like first page.

“You need to reach Kollam district at Kerala to find the Rabbit temple and find tomb of the dark magician.”

Rohan did not understand anything because he was eight years old and studying in standard three. He was scared and surprised, but did not ask his mother about this because he thought his mother might tell him not to read this book and probably Rohan would never discover reason behind Rabbit temple. The next few days without his mother’s knowledge, he read the entire book.

The story of the book was very interesting. Actually the book belonged to a black magician. The magician wanted to turn the whole world into dark soldiers. He wanted to turn the Sun into a black ball which would create black thunder and help the magician to conquer all the powers and destroy the Universe. He made this book to perform a mantra which would create a ruby with all the powers of the Universe.

There also, lived a good magician. He wanted to stop the black magician. He knew about a thief who could steal the book. His name was Seega. He was ancestor of Seema, who is mother of Rohan. Rohan was very excited to know all the facts about his ancestors.One night Seega stole the book and kept it at his home and left. The good magician killed the black magician and buried him in an Rabbit temple. There was no traces of Rabbit temple nor Seega. It was assumed that Seega died somewhere.

After 7 centuries

The book got its power back as Rohan opened the book. Rohan’s finger prints matched the expected impression and book came to live. It was not a normal book, but a man with special power who was cursed to live inside a book.

After few days, Rohan reached Kerala. He and his family stayed in a hotel that Rohan suggested. He told the name of hotel as it was written in the book. The hotel was very suspicious.All the people of the hotel wore scary mask of gold-plated rabbit face. The entire family was scared and they scolded Rohan for suggesting such a scary hotel. The next day, when the family woke up, they felt very cold as they were on a golden ground. They could not believe their eyes. The entire hotel had vanished and there was no one except a scary soul and golden book which Rohan had carried back from home, till hotel was missing.

“Yes, I know that you all are shocked and I know that you are thinking how is this possible?” – said the scary soul. “That night when Rohan opened the book, and read which he got from store room, he brought soul of good magician back to live.” – then he went on to explain the story of Seega, good magician and bad magician etc. The soul continued “Good magician made all the illusion of the hotel and the suspicious people.”

Then, the soul took Rohan and his family to the golden cave where the black magician was buried. At that time, the family was terrified but after meeting the soul of the good magician and listening to the story of the good magician’s soul, they calmed. Seema was very angry with Rohan and scolded him. The soul of the good magician told Seema that it was not the time to be angry but to burn the book. He also told that he was going to be vanished soon. He told that when he was alive the black magician cursed him that after 7 centuries and 12 days, he would be vanished. The day was very near and he didn’t have much time left. He quickly told them what to do to burn the book. He told that the book would flew through the longer route to the body of the black magician. He also told the family that no one should touch the book, rather try to catch the book through secret shorter route. He gave a map to Rohan and pointed to destination, which was just 100m away.

Before he could say anything, he vanished.

The family followed the secret shorter route, as directed by soul, when they saw a golden rabbit with a horn in his head . They asked him if he knew anything about the black magician. He did not have any information, but gave the family some magical equipment like a magical wand , magical feather and a ruby book which has the power of all magical books. The family found the thing which they want to destroy the book.

Rabbit also told the family that, “In reality, ruby book and the golden book were the first human brothers.The golden book was evil and the ruby book was virtuous. One day, while walking in the garden they met an old taantrika. They made fun of her so she was angry and cursed them that the evil brother will turn into an golden book and will be opened and will get the power of moving after 8 centuries and the virtuous brother will be stolen by a golden rabbit and will get back its power of moving after a boy would open it in the rabbit temple, where Ruby’s brother would come to find his master, the black magician. After saying this she turned them into books and threw them into the air and she also told that in the ruby book it is written how to destroy the golden book.After saying this taantrika had vanished.”

Rohan and his family took the ruby book and opened it. It was written that to attract and capture the golden book one needed to rub the book with an thing which is not made up of gold and situated in the Rabbit temple. Everything in the Rabbit temple was made up of gold but Rohan had an idea. He told that the body of the preserved dead magician is made up of flesh, who has been mummified, so if they rub the book with his body so that they can attract the golden book before it reaches the body of the black magician and make him alive. The family did exactly what Rohan told.

The book and magician was finally destroyed. Everyone was very happy for Rohan to save man kind from the black magician through his intelligence.

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