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The Lord Of Stories

The Lord Of Stories

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In a land, 500 Years ago, There was a country known as Wonder Square which was ruled by the creator of stories which the people called The Lord Of Stories. Before the country was ruled by an evil king who spread the custom of execution. Then the Lord Of Stories came to Wonder Square and spread the custom of listening to stories. He defeated the evil king and took the throne. He also assigned some ministers to tell him what is going around the country. After some days, The Lord Of Stories went to the ministers and asked what is going around the country. The eldest minister said that after The Lord Of Stories started the custom of listening to stories, people have started to ask everybody if someone knows some stories because their children will not sleep if they did not listen to some stories.

The Lord Of Stories said, If that is the case then we will set up a court for the people who want to listen to stories every day. The next day, A court was made and people sat there at the side and the Lord Of Stories sat in the middle. The people came to Lord Of Stories in a queue. The first person came in and asked Lord Of Stories to tell him a moral story about animals. The Lord Of Stories took a deep breath and started his story. Once upon a time, There was a jungle near a city and in the jungle there lived a Ferocious lion that ate the people of the city.

The mayor of the city said that in order to get rid of the lion, We will keep a poisoned carcass of a sheep near the jungle so that, The lion will eat it and get killed. The next day the mayor kept the sheep carcass near the jungle. The Lion found it and took it to his den. He thought that a meer sheep cannot fulfill his hunger so he again went back towards the city to hunt more prey. Meanwhile, A fox found the carcass and thought that if he stole the carcass he could fulfill his hunger. He stole the carcass and he took the carcass home and ate it. As the carcass was poisoned, the fox also died. The Lord Of Stories took a break.

Then the first person said, what happened to the lion. The Lord Of Stories continued, When the lion was coming home he saw the dead body of the fox. The lion got greedy and ate that too. The lion too died. The moral of the story is, Be happy with what you have and do not greed on something which is not yours. The first man got happy and went back home.Then Lord Of Stories called another person,The person said,I want to hear a story about a happy ghost.The Lord Of Stories took a deep breath and started another story.

Once upon a time,In the land of ghosts there lived a lonely ghost who was really sad because he could not scare anybody.He went to scare a mouse but he couldn't scare it.He got annoyed and went to the king of ghosts.The king of ghosts said,Why do you want to scare everybody?The lonely ghost said,Because i want to set up a reputation of mine,I want to scare Humans because the ghosts that can scare humans are known as VIP's while the ghosts that couldn't even scare a mouse are known as commoners.The king of ghosts said,I absolutely agree with you but you see even i cannot scare a mouse but i am still the king of ghosts.

The king of ghosts continued,I also felt lonely but still i studied a lot,Won in the election and i became the king.The lonely ghost said,Ok now i will prepare a lot and i will become the best entertainer of the world.

After 2 years

The lonely ghost came to the king of ghosts and said,You said the correct thing,Now i have become the world famous entertainer and even humans listen to my jokes and now i have also become a VIP.He thanked the king and went away.The Lord Of Stories said,Now that i have said 2 stories i want all the people in the court to answer my questions. did the King Of Ghost became king?

2.How did the lion died?

The answers to these questions is to be given next day at the court and if anybody wants to ask me anything then you can tell my ministers.I will willingly answer your doubts.

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