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Swetha Santosh

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Swetha Santosh

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

Jenny's endeavour

Jenny's endeavour

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Amy and her family were very excited about seeing their new member in an hour or two. Jack's face was filled with happiness at welcoming his child to the world. Amy was ready for her operation. The two hours of operation were way too long. Suddenly, Jack heard some sound. Yes, his child was born but, alas, that was the last second of Amy's life. Jack was informed that his wife had passed away and he was blessed with a Daughter. Jack blamed his child's luck for his wife's death. Soon, all the rituals were performed now. Jack was left with this baby and his old parents. The girl was named Jenny.

After a few days, Jack kept thinking about how to bring Jenny up in his office as well. Jack's boss kept noticing jack sitting quietly without working for quite a few days. Soon, jack was fired out of his job. He had no work now. He didn't even want to look for a new job. He had recently started an agricultural business, which had also failed. Jack begins to live the life of a drunkard. After six years, Jack had become a massive alcoholic. Jenny was now hated by all but, not by her grandma. Every day, Jack kept saying to Jenny that she had brought bad luck to their family. Jenny became very depressed. She kept crying. 

Jenny's grandma had no money to send her to school, so, Jenny was sent to a school in the locality where poor children used to study. After two weeks of school, Jenny's teacher said that she was a good singer. At home, jack kept shouting at Jenny. Whenever Jenny was sad, she used to sing, but Jack got even angrier when she sang. Jenny's grandmother could no longer support her studies after many years. Jenny was now sent to her aunt's home. Neha Jenny's aunt had two children. They hated Jenny. She was now more depressed. It was soon dawn. Jenny asked Neha where she should sleep for the night. Neha told Jenny to sleep in the storeroom. Jenny had no way she would sleep in the cold. The next day, instead of sending Jenny to school, Neha asked Jenny to clean the house. Neha's children left for school. Jenny sang a song during that movement, and everyone in the house stood struck in front of Jenny. All the servants cheered her up. This made Neha upset. She slapped Jenny and asked her to get out of her sight. The next day, Neha's maid Shayama met Jenny and said that her friend's relative loved the song and she would ask him to offer Jenny any help she wanted in her singing career. Jenny thanked the maid. Soon, it was time for breakfast. Jenny went to the dining table singing a song. Neha shouted at Jenny and asked her to go from there. Jenny left the place with her eyes filled with tears. She walked into the room and murmured 'Is this the end of my singing career? [She continued] I must develop my life through singing. But she did not know how to do it. 

With hunger, she went and stood near the door. After standing for a while, she noticed a lady talking to a girl. Through their conversation, Jenny came to know that the lady was a wicked one but, a very good singer, she was talking rudely to her student for paying the fees a day late. Soon, it was night. Jenny went to the storeroom to sleep. She thought, "That lady whom I saw today is a good singer. She can train me now. But where will I go to pay my fees? How will I ever go there for classes? Will my aunt allow me to do so? "She had so many such questions in her mind. s Thinking so, she dozed off. The next day, Jenny went out to the living room. At that time, Neha's maid walked to Neha and said that she was going to go to a different town and could not work for her anymore. Neha accepted her resignation and the maid left. Neha called Jenny and said, "From now on you are going to be the maid of my house and you will be given rupees two thousand for your work". Jenny agreed, but she had a condition in that case. When asked what, Jenny said that every day she would go out for an hour or two. Neha replied, "OK, fine but, only after all the work is done." Jenny's rupees two thousand were given to Neha as a deposit. Jenny began to sweep and mop, wash the utensils and clothes, and finally, she washed Neha's car. Now Jenny left for the singing teacher's place, which was in the opposite building. She met the teacher and introduced herself to her and said that she was there to learn music. The teacher said that her name was Miss Zinnia. She asked Jenny to sing a song. Jenny sang. The teacher was very impressed. Jenny was asked for a two-thousand-rupee advance, with a thousand-five hundred-rupee monthly fee. The class began and came to an end in an hour.

A few months passed by gradually.

Now Jenny was known for her singing talent. That day after class, Jenny went home. She was asked to bring the fees.

At that time, Neha was leaving to leave the station. She said to Jenny that she was going out of the station for two months and other maids and drivers would be there. Jenny said OK. Neha left. After an hour, Jenny suddenly remembered that she had asked Neha for her salary for working. Now I have no salary for 2 months. So, Jenny could not go to her music classes because she knew how badly her teacher would scold her if the fees were not paid on time. Jenny decided to go to the class after two months. But every day she practiced singing after work. A month had passed and she was still depressed and worried. Miss Zinnia, on the other hand, was relocating to a location far away. She thought that for almost a month Jenny had not come, so, she had left the class. Jenny never left her practice. Her only freedom was that she could sing without anyone's orders, but, sometimes this loneliness reminded Jenny of her father a lot. She cried at times, remembering her mother and grandmother, but the song soothed her sore eyes. The next day, Neha was back. She was in a bad mood, so, Jenny knew she should not ask for her salary that day. She knew she could not go to her class that day. She went to the storeroom to rest for some time. She lifted her bed and saw that there was some money. This was the money she had saved from her salary. Jenny had totally forgotten it. She called herself mad but, now it was time, so she thought of going the next day.

Suddenly, she heard Neha calling her. She ran to Neha. Jenny was happy because she got her salary. The next day, she finished all her work on time and ran to the music class. The class's main door was locked. She asked the person next door about the class that day. The person said that the teacher had shifted to another place. Tears rolled down from Jenny's eyes because she knew that she would have got a good life in singing if she had continued the class. She walked home sadly. At home, she dashed to the storeroom, shut the door, and began to sob. After crying for some time, she thought of leaving it off. The next day, after finishing all the work, she left to search if there was any singing class nearby. After a short distance, she noticed a board with the words "singing classes in this street," but it was an old board. Jenny asked a person in the first home on the street about the board. The person said that it was an old board and the teacher had stopped teaching long ago. Jenny asked which person's home it was. The lady pointed at a home. Jenny went to the teacher's home and knocked on the door. A lady came out. Jenny asked the lady to teach her music after introducing herself. She said that she doesn't like music and can't teach her. But Jenny pleaded with the lady. The lady was so irritated that Jenny troubled the lady. Finally, a young girl watching this came to Jenny and said that this lady hates music and is not a music teacher. The music teacher has shifted. Jenny asked sorry and left the place. While teachers, she murmured 'why do all the music teachers shift'. At home, Neha said to Jenny that the next day her friend is going to come, and Jenny must work at her place also and will be given 2 thousand rupees there too. Jenny said OK because she thought she could practice singing there while working. The next day, Jenny finished her work at Neha's home. Neha then took Jenny to her friend's place where she had to work. Jenny was shocked to see that Neha's friend was none other than the lady she had troubled the previous day. Jenny became scared. She hid behind Neha as she hugged her friend. Neha introduced Jenny to Miss Tanya and said that she had brought Jenny to work for her. While Neha was talking, Tanya was staring at Jenny. Neha asked her what happened. She said nothing. Neha left, Tanya asked Jenny to start her work. She did not even scold her a word. Jenny was shocked but she had just started her work but she finished everything very quickly. She was paid two thousand. Jenny has now left for Neha's home. The next day, she completed the work at Neha's house and left for Tanya's home for work. This continued for months. Now Jenny had a lot of money. At that time, a singing competition was on-trend. Jenny wanted to participate in it.                             

That day when she went to Neha's home after her work at Tanya's home. She accidentally overheard Neha's children talking to Neha. They told Neha that Jenny was going to singing classes and they were the ones who somehow managed to shift the teacher through their tricks so that Jenny would not get any singing training. Jenny's eyes were filled with tears. She could not bear her anger. She thought winning this competition was the best revenge for their evil act. The next day, she collected details about the competition and realized that the competition was in a city far away from there. She had to pay Rs. 25,000 for entry, which was not a problem. She went home and said to Neha that she wouldn't be there for a week. Neha didn't bother much about it. Jenny left the place. She went to the railway station and got a ticket. She sat on the train and was shocked to see her father there. He was fully drunk and was hitting a poor old man. At that time, the police took his father away. She was about to get down, but the train took off. Jenny kept crying on the train thinking about her dad. Soon she dozed off. After a few hours, she woke up and realized that she was in her place.

She got down off the train, noticed a car, and said that she wanted to go to Mr. Nayak's singing competition. She got down at that place and walked to the entrance. A lady came and received her. She asked Jenny to sit. Jenny introduced herself and said the reason for her presence there. The lady said "Well little one. I am Miss Aishwarya. You can pay the registration fee of rupees twenty-five thousand here". She continued, "You are already late and there are only 2 hours left for the program." Jenny responded with a smile, "no worries, mom, I'm ready for the competition." She opened her bag and was shocked to see that almost ¾ of her money was missing. She just had twenty-six thousand rupees left. She almost began to cry. She was not ready to give up. She paid twenty-five thousand and went in. That's when Jenny realized that her money had fallen on the train itself. She sat in the contestant's place crying. She was already depressed about her father now, this too has joined her sorrow. At that time, suddenly everyone began to shout. Mr. Nayak was entering. Jenny tried to focus her attention on the competition. The competition began. It was Jenny's turn now after 15 contestants. Her name was announced. She walked to the stage. She had forgotten half the song already. She walked forward and began to sing. She missed the tune a bit in the middle, the lyrics went wrong, and the pitch was totally faded. She could do nothing at that time. Mr. Nayak had a confused expression on his face. He reacted by saying "Miss Jenny, you're rejected". She walked off the stage. The next contestant was called. This continued, all the contestants performed fearlessly with proper pitch and tune and with correct lyrics, but, still, ten contestants, including Jenny, were rejected. The program was over. Mr. Nayak was called on to the stage. He gave a long speech. Though he was Jenny's favorite singer, she did not bother much to listen to him. His speech continued for a longer time. After his speech, he was asked to sing a song. Mr. Nayak sang the same song for which Jenny was not selected. No one except for Jenny realized it, since her singing was not clear at all. After his singing, he said, "This is an important announcement for the rejected contestants". Jenny was now ready to listen. He continued further "All the contestants have put in their hard work. So, the rejected contestants are being given a chance to present their talent again but, on one condition now, you'll have to pay forty thousand rupees in one month because the contestants can become famous, express their talents, win 3 lakhs and get a chance to sing with me in three movies". Wishing the contestants a piece of good luck, he sat down. Now, Jenny was happy but she wondered from where she would get forty thousand. She sat there till noon. Jenny was hungry. She thought "now I have a thousand rupee note and it's enough for my two weeks' food".

She stood up when she overheard Aishwarya conversing with her maid. The maid had informed Aishwarya that she wouldn't be coming thereafter. Aishwarya was asking her maid the reason for not coming. Aishwarya resumed her work after the call, but Jenny approached her and said, "Mam, I am not selected for the competition now, and I need money for another attempt."I'll be your maid from now on. " Aishwarya agreed and said, "Jenny I'll pay you every day and if you can work in my friends' house, you'll be paid there too". Jenny exclaimed "sure mam". Aishwarya took Jenny to her home and then to her two friends' house. Her friends were Riya and Rita. Jenny now knew that she wouldn't be able to collect money for the competition. Jenny thought "working in three people's homes would not give me much money". She still didn't give up. Rita allowed Jenny to stay with her. The next day, Jenny began her work at Rita's home, then she went to Riya's home and finally to Aishwarya. This continued for days. At times, she missed her family.

One fine day, while Jenny was working in Rita's home, she sang a song. Rita was mouth struck as she didn't know Jenny would sing that well. She ran towards Jenny and asked, "Jenny, you sing so well, then why were you rejected"? Jenny narrated the reason. Rita felt sad. She said, "Fine Jenny, you completed all your work and I'll have to take you somewhere". Jenny quickly completed all her work and left with Rita. Rita took Jenny to a small auditorium. There they met Mr. Sid, the head of the singing troupe. He asked Jenny to sing a song. Jenny began to sing, and Sid couldn't believe that Jenny was such a wonderful singer. Jenny was a wonderful singer, he said, and she is now a member of the group. That evening there was a concert in which Jenny was asked to perform. She practiced all the songs with hard work. That evening, Jenny rocked the stage. She was paid and was asked to come every afternoon. It was good news that she was going to be paid every day. Jenny was now very happy as she could make a lot of money. Every evening the audience would praise Jenny a lot for her talent.

It was a cool evening when Rita came to pick up Jenny. At that time, Sid walked towards them and said, "Rita, I am proud of Jenny's talent and I'd like to train her for the competition, so I want Jenny to stay in my home from now on". Rita agreed, she waved to Jenny and left. The next day, Jenny went to Rita, Aishwarya, and Riya's home, completed her work, went to the auditorium, and finally to Sid's place. Jenny still couldn't get fifty thousand. She continued it for a longer time. The competition is coming closer day by day. One morning, Jenny was running late. She opened the door and, to her astonishment, Shyama was coming out of the opposite home (Shyama is the same maid who had promised to help Jenny). Jenny ran towards her shouting Shyama aunty, Shyama aunty… Shyama turned and hugged Jenny. She asked Jenny what she was doing there. Jenny narrated all that had happened and told her about the need for money. She informed Shayama that there was only a week before the competition. Shyama just said "how sad" and walked away. Jenny has now left for work. Days passed, the competition was the next day. Jenny still didn't have money. That night, someone knocked on the door. Jenny opened it and was happy to see Shayama again. She handed Jenny a bag with some money in it. Jenny looked at her with a lot of gratitude. Shyama said, "This is my help with your singing career". Jenny thanked Shayama many times, then she counted the money she had. She still lacked 6 thousand. Jenny slept that day in sorrow. 

Finally, the big day has arrived. Jenny took the money. She knew that there was a lack of money but, hoping for some magic to happen, she left. Rita, Riya, and Aishwarya wished her a stroke of good luck. She got into a car. She was very tense but it was very silly that she was hoping for a MAGIC to happen. Jenny soon reached the place. As she stepped out and noticed Miss Zinnia was there. She had watched the previous round of the competition and was there to help Jenny with the money. She asked how much money Jenny requires now. Jenny replied, "Thank you, Mom; I'd like 6,000."Zinnia happily gave Jenny the money. Jenny walked in with the money. She gave it to Aishwarya and sat in the contestant's seat. The program began, the host welcomed Mr. Nayak, the audience cheered loudly. Jenny wished for her father to be there to see her singing. One by one, everyone sang in the wildcard round. She began to sing. The auditorium was quiet. Everyone's mouths were wide open. After she finished her song, the audience cheered and clapped. Mr. Nayak gave standing applause. He declared that Jenny was selected for the final round. Aishwarya, Riya, Rita, Zinnia, and Sid congratulated her and wished her luck for her finals. It was time for the finals. the contestants began to sing. Jenny's name was announced. She walked onto the stage. She introduced herself and began to sing. Sid said that it was like flying for everyone to listen to Jenny. She left everyone stunned. As she came out, everyone outside clapped, shouted, howled, and cheered out loud. Zinnia said that her performance was marvelous. There was an hour left for the finals. Jenny kept practicing. After an hour, the finale begins. Jenny was very tense. The contestants began to sing. As Jenny's name was announced, the audience again began to clap and cheer. She began to sing. There was a huge loud clapping sound as she sang. After her performance, two contestants performed. Finally, it was time to announce the results. Mr. Nayak came forward and announced the winner. It was JENNY, of course! Who else could it be? Jenny was filled with tears as she walked forward and received the award.

Mr. Nayak said, "Jenny, you have a surprise." Jenny's eyes were tied. A lady then opened it. She cried out loud in happiness. It was her dad and grandmom. She hugged her father. Her dad said, "I'm sorry Jenny, you're the luckiest child in the world." Jenny thanked her grandma for her help. Jenny's dad thanked Aishwarya, Riya, Rita, Sid, and Zinnia. Mr. Nayak said, "You have another surprise too." This time it was Neha and Tanya. They approached Jenny and apologized for everything they had done. Her father said, "Jenny, you proved that luck is nothing but the gift of our hard work." This family remained happy ever after with their luck, Jenny. 

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