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I Want It All Back!

I Want It All Back!

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Dear lost me,

To all those times when I criticized, yelled out at you- for being natural, pragmatic, and functioning holistic rather than preaching my cliché theory of faking being reel, than real. I value you. You are beautiful- you are you; natural, pragmatic, and holistic in functioning.

But, its, like I have lost that rebellious part of me, somewhere. Somewhere, not to be found now... away from all the densities and destinies of the human town now. I know that I've been tired, but I value being tired now. I know I've been driven into boredom, but, now this has been monotonous.

"I agree to equate all the greeds, ill-deeds, and wills; would you like to barter it for the times we spent together?"

I miss you. I realize, how commanding I have been! I realize how mean I have been! I realize how squeezed I have kept you! I realize that the transparency had been opaque with you! There's always another chance. Would you mind giving it to me? My life is a serial now- not Indian household's daily snacks. But, a serial of boredom, aloofness, and stagnant, it lies.

Dear lost me, I don't mind giving you a fresh high-five.


With love

A part of yours...


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