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Romance Fantasy Thriller



Romance Fantasy Thriller

I Can’t Believe You’re Mine

I Can’t Believe You’re Mine

7 mins

Abe, a debonair, 30, literate, and handsome, was the spouse of Lulit. Both made acquaintance when they were high school pupils in their teenage life. Lulit is vivacious, young and 28, after her graduation she has been worked in government institution by being on different job positions and had loved him in her soul.

Abe was a teacher after his graduation. His students who were in all level of classes had admiration when he thought lessons to them. The community of the highs cool also has a great veneration for his effort in the learning teaching practice when he was animated before his abrupt death. He died before two years pierced with a knife by unknown man when he was on his way to reach at his home.

After a year of live with melancholy, Lulit became loved by another man who was a wealthy and a trade man in the city of Addis Ababa. He had tried to get her love incessantly for a year with his pesky behavior; and he gave many gifts to make her his own. And once her beloved one has taken with demise, she would not oblige to endure alone with reminiscent of the past, therefore she decided to accept the love of Mr. Habtamu in a willy-nilly condition. Here it becomes, now they have been together testing the aroma of love renewed again.

Days gone days came, the old stuff became obsolete if they are mortal objects, and by some chemical evolutionary phases the will altered by the natural obligation to be another entity. Abe’s flesh has been obsolete in his grave step by step after his soul departed from his mortal body before two years. Now his all skeletons and the worked organs are trashed in to the soil and no more beloved to be in this earth. She thought this just sat alone in the darken room of her bed room kindled many candles to commemorate his second year of the forever departure from this earth. Step by step she adapted herself with Habtamu’s behavior and new love has started to grow in her heart, therefore she is pleased to ignore Abe utterly for her next voyage of marriage.

Her cell phone made ringing buzzes sound as it was on the table in front of her. She clutched it after she took it looked as she wanted to protect others not to hear the conversation; but she was alone in that bed room.

“Haloo dear?” Habtamu’s voice heard after she touched the hang-on symbol.

“Hi?” she said seemed happily.

“What are you dear my love?”

“I am alone in my bedroom.”

“Alright, I want to come to you as soon as I finish my task. I will be there my love.” He said with confidence and proud.

“Hmmm, sorry, I want to be free tonight. I need to be alone tonight. Excuse me; I said not to make you vexed and to make your heartfelt.”

“Why Lulit? You know how much I yearn for you daily, but you couldn’t consider all my true love. Please, allow me to come there.” He begged her with suspicion.

“Okay, but I have a plan to go somewhere in the morning. The reason of my choice to be alone in this night was my sought of deep sleeping. Because I ought to awake before the sun rise to reach at the grave place of Abe. I want to say his “good bye forever” by putting flowers on his grave once and finally, and I need to pray for him there.” She said him politely.

“No problem, we will go together. I will come and we will sleep together, then in the morning we will go there. Be free dear. I won’t disturb you.”

“No sensual intercourse in the mid-night and no warm-up!! If we do that, I will be late to awake before the sun rise.”

He chuckled and canoodled her at a distance over the phone. A smack sound heard to her.

It has been the end of the night. Both slept, he embraced her waist under the blanket nakedly, she was smooched and done in that night, his promise was broken. The bed room has a sniff of both due to the sensual interaction of the past moment. Suddenly she woke up from her somber slept and thought as she covered in the blanket and embraced by him. Then she called his name with a softer voice. “ Habtamu, Habtamu, wake up!!!” he opened his name and remembers why she made him awaken at that time. “Okay, what time is it now?” His tone of voice is heard harshly from his throat.

“I ponder it is eleven o’clock, hurry up, we shall reach there before the sunrises.” She stood from her bed and dressed her black suit which was prepared ere for her melancholy at the obsequies day of Abe. And he dressed black outfit which will be proper for the palace to be attired.

Then both entered in to Habtamu’s car and he started driving the car. Before the sun rises, they reached at the cemetery, and the place was pacified before the first praising song of the church as of the Orthodox Church procedure heard to them. “Dear,” she said to mumble him while he did stop the car.

“Stay here, I will do the entire commemoration program with myself, I don’t want anyone.” She repeated while he said nothing.

“No, I don’t believe you in the place like this. I want to be with you.” He told her firmly.

“I don’t want to see you bothering while I render the true love for my died lover. I may cry when I try to reminisce him for the last time deeply. It is not okay for you. Please, stay here.”

“Hanky –dory, make it easy my dear. I want to be with you.” Then both went out from the car and gone side by side unto they reach at the tomb of Abe.

She is praying after she put the flower on Abe’s tomb. She felt on her knee while she dreamt him back to be with him again impulsively. For the while, when she closed and see him deeply, Abe was with her in her imagination and she lost her control, and then failed on the soil leaning the edge of the ossuary. Habtamu was noticing her all strokes as he stood far around ten meters from her. He was not expected her to become like that condition as she looked died for a moment on the ground. Ten second, fifteen second, and then twenty second he remained watching her from a distant but she remained failed beside the tomb; then he suspected some blips and go to her. She pants as she was on the soil.

“Oh, my beloved dear, I suspected you, you have no patience for this died man, I knew you loved him verily unto your death. But I needed you. Don’t die like this, wake up dear?” he grasped her well to hold her from the soil, and clenched her head to his chest for his affection to make her well. And his tears dropped as dews step by step from his eyes. Then she understood how this man loved her, too. Then said and called his name slowly as she been held firmly “ Habtamu”

“Yes, my dear?”

“I confirmed now, you loved verily. Thank you.” She said with her gist of musical sound.

“Yes, you know it well.”

“I am so, sorry, this is my last commemoration for him. I try to ignore him and marry you to forget the past and to begin a new life.”

“I accept, thank you, let’s go out from this cemetery now. It’s enough.” He said flattery.

 And she stood by herself and both saluted to the grave utterly. But they were not cognizant what was done in that place. The hidden soul of Abe was watching both of them, Abe’s soul was in trial to embrace and hold her with his kiss but she couldn’t recognize the deed his soul struggled. Then Abe’s Soul said “Shit!!” when he saw Habtamu with her in that place. And did run from the womb to catch him and isolate him from her but he couldn’t. He was in the wind and a wind of structured unseen body of knowledge to remember all the past in his mortal life.

“My dear, Lulit.” He called her love when she entered in to the car looked pity for her.

She couldn’t hear his voice, and Habtamu pressed the pedal of the accelerator after changing the car’s gear. Abe’s soul as he stood at the cemetery area observed them when both gone far from him.

“Shit!! This bad guy killed my mortal body for the sake of my wife but no one knew him as he killed me in that night. He took her; she knows not, I knew she was a keen. Good bye my beloved Lulit, we may meet together after your soul comes here.” He said this and vanished in the wind again, fled higher to its place to be in heaven.

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