Drashti Badheka

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Drashti Badheka

Abstract Drama Fantasy

I Am Not Afraid Of You

I Am Not Afraid Of You

3 mins

I turned off my earplugs, put them again in the drawer. I again went to sleep, it was uncomfortable but I was too tired to get up. After a while of fighting with blankets to get sleep, I fall asleep. My mind was still thinking about him. His hard body, magnetic smile, soulful eyes, Velvety voice. 

My eyes opened with the view of clouds hiding my sun. I woke up, there was a letter beside me. It told-

"I m waiting down. 

Get ready and come.


His perfect handwriting brought a smile on my face. I stood up and got ready as soon as possible, I didn't want him to wait too long. On the other side, I was thinking, should I tell him what had I suspected? What if he got angry about this? I am not having any clue what was I gonna do, but one thing was clear. I am not gonna ruin any moment, no matter what he was.

I went down and opened the door. He was beautifully leaning slightly towards the car. I stepped out to close the door. He smiled curiously towards me as if he knows what am I going to ask. I started a walk towards him. He was wearing a beautiful black shirt that goes perfectly with his body shape.

I was turning red as the distance between us went less. He hugged me as I came too close.

" Good morning." 

He told with his soft tone.

"morning "

I replied.

He opened the door for me and let me step inside, afterward went for his driver seat in no seconds. How many records did he want to break?

He started and we went on.

"So where are we going?"

He laughed as I amused him.

"don't know. Just for a ride."

It was strange but cool too. We were together that's what most important thing for me.

"don't you want to question me? "

he asked as if he knows what was I going to ask and what exactly I was thinking.

"OK. I will make it easy for you. Tell me what exactly you searched." 

He said he will make it easy but he's making it hard for me to tell him. But I have to in order to get an answer.

"I searched about supernatural things as you behaved before."

His amusement went off. My heart beats went louder than never, but I was able to control a slight. He came near me and told -

"I m in love with you heartbeats, it's beautiful to hear them."

I blushed but afraid too.

"don't be afraid of me."

I went for his eyes, they were tense than never.

I let go of my words of hearts.

"I m not afraid of you."

His eyes relaxed a bit but still, he wasn't sure.

"no matter who you are, I love u anyway."

He asked me again -

"doesn't matter at all? You sure what're you saying?"

I replied by holding his hand in my hand-

"Trust me, it doesn't matter at all."

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