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Hunted Doll

Hunted Doll

3 mins

The husband used to bring in the dolls that his wife always loved. Highly, the husband rose up and went out in an attempt to stop the quarrel that occurs but as soon as he entered the home of his neighbor, until he saw the son raise a knife to kill his father amid the cries of the mother high.

While trying to resolve the dispute, the daughter went to the couple's apartment and began chasing the wife and almost caused the fall of the fetus, had it not been for the husband to call the police after the father was seriously injured by the knife penetration of his body.

At that moment, he was able to catch the teenage girl and throw her away to hit her head in the library, where the dolls were stacked, and the handle pierced her hand, and the girl broke up as her soul came out.Here, one of the dolls falls on her chest, and the girl's blood flows over her to penetrate her, hence the curse of the doll begins.

Suspicious events:

The couple reassured the health of the fetus and the mother, and life became good for several days, before the mother began to face successive disasters.After the husband went out daily to work, things inside the house began to go crazy, the sewing machine works on its own, and the television works alone and change channels alone It became really scary when the stove suddenly caught fire while the wife was sleeping as the terrifying doll moved into the lounge.

She was horrified and kept screaming and this was when the husband returned from his work. He saw the doll dragging his wife towards the stove to receive it inside him. He sped off his stupor and the wife got rid of her. The doll sealed the floor and the stove was extinguished. The firefighters attended and the neighbors told them that the fumes were rising from the neighboring house.

In contact with the spiritual intermediaries, and seeing that little doll are heirs and terrifying divisions, they all confirmed that the doll is never normal and that spirits inhabit it.Once you lift that gang off its eyes, you will find it following you wherever you go, even inside your home.

This doll has caused great horror in Singapore for a long time and newspapers published many accounts of eyewitnesses, they said that the doll was found next to a tree blindfolded and written on the League (Bismillah), and next to a handwritten paper, that if you remove the League From her eyes will chase you everywhere.

It was said that the doll is haunted by many lives, and the owners have sworn that they are moving on their own and you can find them wandering inside your house as a guest and that the only way to get rid of them is blindfolded and closed forever, has disappeared suddenly and nobody knows what happened to her and where she went

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