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Srijani Kaur


High Profile

High Profile

2 mins

Obituary of “HER"

Her lifeless body laid still and cold.

She did not end her life but ended an era of agony and deep pain. The torment she obscured beneath the mantle of a happy demeanor.

The suicide note read “au revoir"

She had no reason to end her life; she had been a happy, ecstatic, and exuberant girl, who used to lead a lavish life, she had a life, everyone wished for. Perhaps materialistic fulfillment had never been succor to her soul. Her happiness was just a facade. Masquerading happiness is easier than to be happy in reality.

Her parents worked day and night, to stock bundles of currencies, so that they ‘could’ give a better future to their only darling daughter, a tad too ‘ambitious’.

Everything she demanded had been brought to her feet but no one had given her what she ‘desired’ for. She desired for ‘love’ which unfortunately no one had given her; not that her parents didn’t love her, they loved her dearly but they were too busy. Love is something, which was not in the routine of 'high profile' people.

She lived in a house, not a home though, which had a myriad of plump servants and extravagant delicacies and reveries. However, there was no one who could soothe her at times when she had been sulky and petulant. Best cooks used to prepare her food but her soul had yearned for that steaming hot street food and those ‘homemade’ delights; her friends used to bring for recess. However, all those were not affordable since she had been the daughter of ‘high profile persons.’

She used to travel in Mercedes-Benz but her soul had coveted to run on the cobbled streets of the town, where her friends played and she had wanted to jump on that muddy puddle splashing mucky water and dance in the rain while sailing paper boats. However, she had been the daughter of ‘high profile persons’.

She had the costliest of video games and she used to sleep on a soft bed having imported quilts but all her soul craved was to play Hide and Seek with her friends and sleep by the river on the bank but she was the daughter of ‘high profile persons’. 

‘ She had been in an incorrigible lackluster’

‘ Gormless luxury had taken away her life’.

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