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Alka and Abira

Alka and Abira

2 mins

The epitome of a rapport.

If you think they are kind of Antonio and Bassanio or Karan and Arjun then you are strikingly wrong. They both are two mucky and filthy girls who are an "Epitome Of a Great Rapport".

They taught me one thing - soulmates can be found in friends. It's an injustice if I confine their emollient relationship to the mere word 'friend' as they are more than that, "ethereal mates".

Alka_Abira: the two names which got eternal and one is incomplete without the other. School teachers loved to "compliment" the name Alka with Abira. Teachers had a litany of Complaints against them still, they used to smile like parrots because after all, they had committed it together.

Both were subjected to impertinence by each other. One would die if she does not insult the other. And if one is not insulted by the other, then their digestive juices stop working altogether.

They support each other impeccably even in the most hapless situation. They take up the cudgels for each other so well, which is the sign of their unwavering loyalty. They are essentially the "quintessential friends". They have the same taste for boys and the idiocy they do on the streets when they find a chivalrous guy, flabbergasts many of the boys and give them a heart attack.

However their love advice is the best. Both are equally buffoon and ludicrous and you would laugh until your stomach pains if they start talking 'together'. Their "togetherness" had some magic.

During their fights_ well they did not fight it is just a facade of indignance because if you say anything acrid against one, the other would screw you up.

In the world full of selfish and egocentric people the friendship is like succour to our souls.

Alka_Abira: The Bauling mates whose friendship is something everyone yearns for.

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