Hey, Let's Talk

Hey, Let's Talk

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Its really so sad that almost having 50 people around us, we are still lonely and sad to share the inner feelings of our lives.

To some extent we are afraid and to some extent, we are shy also.

We are afraid by the fact that after knowing the situation will the opposite person help us, or will make fun of us and leave.

This shows how lonely the world had made one.

To which we cany even share or value the thoughts, fear, and depression of others.

Sort of communication slowly breaks the bond of love, care, and respect among others,

Along with this only compromise, distance, and dead heart remains in a soul.

You may have lots of words, grooving in your head but our lips don't carry the courage to talk or share those things with anyone.

You keep on crying inside but a wide smile remains popping up at your face.

Your life becomes a hell but you always stay like there is nothing like that,.

You keep on showering happiness on the faces of people but deep inside you keep on burning like a coal.

A coal, you all know unburned coal can create some letters, words on wall, sheet, road, and at many more things but a burned coal py and only produce harmful gases toxic for the world.and especially for the people around you.

The same is with us, the thoughts, the sadness which keeps on burning in our hearts only creates sort of hate, jealousy and anger towards us and our people.

But what's our fault, we are always taught in school help your loved one help you friends but as we grow up our society teaches us help just and just your self by hook or by crook.

Helping you is the only method to keep yourself happy, nourishing etc.

I don't know how and when the wall of loneliness among people will go. But I just know keeping oneself unhappy and depressed by the test of God is not at all good.

We have to go through the test to check our score in managing life and love. But today's generation tries to run from it and eventually some brave one survives and other either ends up at life or gets complications in life.

There's only a single solution to this and that's pretty much simple too try to have a but of conversation with your parents siblings close friends and if you are un able to do it with them then try to write all your anger frustration and tension in a diary so that once all these things get our of your brain and after that you would be able to think about the solution very clearly.

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