Shobhit शोभित

Drama Romance


Shobhit शोभित

Drama Romance

Hashtag MoRa

Hashtag MoRa

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Raj and Monika used to like each other a lot in college. Everyone, at College, knew about it though none at their families.

Both have decided to disclose their relationship to their families on Diwali as families will be together. But mentioning it to their families has caused an earthquake, it was their homes have been bombed in place of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The task, which they thought to be simplest, was actually turned up as impossible for their families.

Raj’s family was eyeing for a huge ‘gigantic’ dowry in his marriage but Monika has already refused for it.

That was not all! Raj’s family was a firm believer in astrology etc. As a secondary attempt, Raj shared Monika’s birth date, time etc with his family, thinking that if horoscope match is a good, perhaps families will accept their relation. But it turned up a nightmare to share those details. Monika was 6 months elder to Raj and that was a biggest issue then. How can a girl be elder to her husband! And also there was a mismatch in Raj’s and Monika’s horoscope.

Raj’s grandfather has fallen sick and it was due to Monika’s entry in their life, at least that's what Raj’s family believed upon.

Both tried for about 4 months but in vein. Families did not agree for their marriage. Raj and Monika were not able to live without meeting each other. So they did a court marriage against their families' wish and support. Their families disowned them.

It has been 4 years now, MoRa are happy with each other and have a great prosperity in life. Despite living out of the family’s home, they have celebrated all the festivals following all religious customs over these years. They also send their well beings to their families from time to time without any replies from families.

Just 3 months back, they have been blessed with a beautiful baby and there were signs that family has started responding to their messages and things should go fine between families.

After all, their love for each other has won over all superstitions of society and the running energy behind it was their love for each other. Hashtag MoRa has been a trend in the mean time due to their success and their happy bonding was an example for others.

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