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Halloween story, the house of terror

Halloween story, the house of terror

5 mins


The small town's children happily go from house to house, asking for candy that Halloween night. One of them, Hans, the youngest, notices that there are lights in the old abandoned house at the end of the street. Without thinking, they run there, considering that the adults would want to play a joke on them on this night of terror.+

They push the gate, which creaks open. The children laugh because it sounds just like in horror movies. Before them appears a couple disguised as Morticia and Homer Adams, who invites them to enter their gloomy garden.

The children enter without hesitation; only the youngest remains outside, doubting whether to join or not. The couple looks at him tenderly.

"Come on in," "Morticia," she tells her with a smile.

The boy takes her by the hand and walks in with her. The walls of the narrow corridor, decorated for the occasion, are covered in blood and full of cobwebs. Suddenly, the front door slams shut. The children are enclosed in that narrow rectangle. Now, the inner door opens to give free passage to the small group, who enter without a problem.

There, in the room, arranged in various places, on multiple tables and showcases, are pieces of the human body.

The children want to run away. However, they are stopped by "Homer," who closes the door and stands still to prevent them from escaping.

The youngest, seeing the anguish of his older friends, cries again.

"Hey, little one, don't cry," the woman tells him. We thought they were braver," she accuses the others without anger. Do not get scared. Those pieces of human bodies, they're cupcakes. Go! Eat!

The eldest of the group, John, sticks his finger in a nearby foot and realizes that what his hostess says is true and begins to eat. It doesn't take long for others to imitate him. Except for Hans, the little one, which the hostess guides to one of the cakes.

-You like it? She asks him.

He nods his head in agreement.

"Well, do you see there was no reason to cry?"

He nods his head again.

The couple looks at each other, and the man approaches his wife to contemplate those little ones who tonight give life to that so gloomy home.

They finish eating and drinking, and each child is given a pumpkin with sweets of all kinds before leaving.

"Thank you and Happy Halloween," says the youngest boy.

-No problem. Until next Halloween.

"Can I come visit you another day?" Hans asks.

"I don't think your parents will let you.

"My dad doesn't even know what I'm doing.

"His dad doesn't love him, he's always hitting him. Sometimes he stays at my house until his dad gets over the drunkenness," John informs, intervening in the conversation, "as long as my dad isn't, because then we both have to go to the street," he explains with a very bitter smile.

"You can come whenever you want," the man assures.

-Thank you.

The children leave, and the couple watches them walk away.

"It would be nice to have a house full of children," says the woman.

"Someday, my dear, someday.

The husband takes his wife's hand, who looks at the time, it's just twelve o'clock, and their costumes are transformed into ancient garments.

"Do you think they noticed? ―The woman asks her husband.

"No, I don't think so, they wouldn't be so happy, they would run away terrified."

―Yes, but look at them; they are children whose parents don't love them and cling to nothing.

-It's true.

-What will happen?

-As usual. Any. The adults won't believe them, and the children will forget about us tomorrow.

The woman makes an affirmative gesture without taking her eyes off the children, who are approached by several adults at that moment.

-Where were you? a man asks angrily of the older boy.

"We went to the haunted house, there were people, and they had candy.

-What do you say? That house has been abandoned for years! A mom rebukes.

-Nope! There was a couple dressed as Los Locos Adams! The boy tries to explain, but he is not listened to, nor are the others who also try to say it is true.

To point to the house, the children turn and see that everything is dark and gloomy as always.

"There was light; there was a couple who treated me very well," says the youngest, "they gave us sweets in the shape of human pieces.

"Shut up, liar! ―His father rebukes him and slaps him hard.

The boy falls to the ground. The women begin to challenge the man, but he does not understand the reasons, nor do the other men who support him. The oldest of the boys wants to go pick up his friend; the father wants to stop him, and, not being intimidated, his father kicks him in the back.

"You brought them into this! "She accuses him.

Both children are on the ground.

"What if we go now? ―Hans asks his friend, pointing out the haunted house.

Yes, I don't want to be here.

They get up quickly and dash to the house, which opens as soon as they take refuge. The children hug the couple waiting for them with open arms to comfort them.

"It's over, they're safe here," the man assures.

"Aren't they going to come for us?" Gabriel asks.


The children turn away from them and look out the window. In the middle of the passage, people cry over the two inert bodies of the children.

Hans and John look at each other confused.

"Are we ghosts like you now?" ―He manages to ask the elder.

"That's right, my boy.

"Will we live here? The other asks.

"If they want it that way.

The little friends exchange glances and smile again; they would no longer suffer from the blows and mistreatment of their parents.

"Do you have any more sweets?"

"Of course, come on.

And hand in hand, they guide them to the kitchen, where a delicious cake and exquisite hot chocolate await them.

Outside are the hustle and bustle and the false crying for the death of those two little ones who now would not only give life to an empty house but would also receive all the love that was denied them in life.

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