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Abstract Comedy Inspirational



Abstract Comedy Inspirational



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Taking a deep breath, I averted my eyes first to the side, then looked up and slightly squinting, waited a pause, showing the interlocutor that I had started the thinking process and it would take me a couple of seconds to think. Usually I could make a decision in just a couple of seconds. And at the moment it was my personal best, although I remember when the same thing took me four. Please note that this was a very long time ago, at the very beginning of my journey. I think this is justified. Therefore, do not judge strictly.

 Then, when I needed to make an important decision, I would time it every time. In order to draw conclusions in the future, as well as to:

 A) personally understand for yourself what you have achieved

 B) the most important thing is to understand what to strive for.

 Of course, after such an analysis, any self-respecting person should have at least some goal. But it also happens - the goal has appeared, everything seems to be fine, but it is still vague, or not fully realized.

 But even in such situations, it is already possible to say with confidence about yourself that you have formed as a person.

 Based on my experience, I would like to emphasize separately that in terms of time, the very process of forming a clear goal may differ for everyone.

 For example, for me personally, such an opportunity, despite all the qualities and painstaking work, unfortunately, has not yet presented itself.

 Although the desire to become a person has not disappeared anywhere, I always have it. From which I concluded that the main thing in life is desire. If it is, consider you already half a person. And then it remains only to understand what exactly you want. It can take years ...

 Nevertheless, I still managed to achieve something! And all because he did not sit idly by and did not complain about the country, like many, but continued to work on himself and at some point achieved success!

 I set a new record - 1.5 seconds to think about a rather difficult situation. At some point, I even felt a little uneasy. It suddenly seemed to me that it was a dead end. But what a sin to conceal - it was scary ... I could not find a solution anywhere. It seemed as if there was no way out at all. But self-control and self-confidence did not allow me to be nervous for too long. Suddenly I remembered the phrase of one famous sage (unfortunately, I don’t remember his name) which sounds like this -

 [§] ... if you find yourself in a difficult situation and cannot find a solution ... mmm, damn it, I forgot [§].

 In short, if you are at a dead end, the main thing is not to be afraid - you can always turn back!

 So ... Returning to the beginning of the story - perhaps this was the very turning point of my formation as a person. Yes! At first it was difficult and incomprehensible. It was! But not for long. Of course, because for the first time I hesitated then, and for the first time in my life I felt extremely uncomfortable ... After all, I did not know what to say to me and what answer to give. And only my hopes saved me And faith in my dignity, strength and skills. I am grateful to fate that it helped me not to fall face down into the mud and saved me in time! After all, I managed to find a solution, in a very short time, and even to such a difficult question!

 Without hurrying anywhere, I looked first up, then a little lower, then to the right. Next was my interlocutor, whom I also had to look at. And already on exhalation, looking into the eyes of the interlocutor, he said:

 - I dont know...

 At such moments I was proud of myself! Firstly: I proved, first of all, to myself, my competence in this or that issue and at the same time - demonstrated to the interlocutor my involvement in the conversation ...

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