Shobhit शोभित



Shobhit शोभित




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Today I am very happy. I tried it earlier but I was not able to kill my billionaire rich wife but today that policeman did that. I paid him for this task.

It was very easy for him to fail the breaks of her car and divert the car on the road which has very risky turns, certainly a route to death.

Now all her money is mine and I can easily marry my newly appointed secretary.

“That’s call for a celebration. Let’s have that 1892 Champaign which you kept for such occasions.” My soon-to-be-wife exclaimed.

“To our new life” we said while sipping.

It was just one peg and I saw her vomiting some white liquid and there she died.

“Ha ha ha!” a loud laugh of my wife surprised me.

“I am lucky that God has given me third chance to survive but you are not.” She was saying while entering from main door, “you will die in first chance.”

I was losing consciousness, rather say I was dying.

“What I think of you and what you have turned up!”

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