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Yash Sharma07

Drama Others


Yash Sharma07

Drama Others

Ɠơɖ Mɛɛɬ --- The Redeemer

Ɠơɖ Mɛɛɬ --- The Redeemer

8 mins 211 8 mins 211

Hello friends. This is a play in which gods of the religions come together to talk for mankind.



Scene 1

[Jesus Christ and Mother Mary on the stage]

Jesus: Mother, Haven't you heard of the god   



Mother Mary: God MEET? What is that?

Jesus: Why? I'm sure that I saw this on the headlines of God's paper.


Mother Mary: Truly? We must have a look

 onto it.


Jesus: Yes. Here is what Hermes, the Greek messenger wrote,

"My dear Gods, tomorrow morning if you could come for a meeting with 1 representative from each religion, we will be performing a God meet."


Mother Mary: I see, Son! Go, go on. Tomorrow at the God meet.  

Jesus: But I have a different doubt?


Mother Mary: Ask it, Child?

Jesus: What is this meet for?

Mother Mary: You will know that only when

you reach there tomorrow.   

Jesus: Sure.

*[Scene 2]  


 [Meanwhile at the Olympus.]  


 [ Zeus and Hermes present.]  


Zeus: Hermes, I saw your writing on the Godpaper? Is that true?[In a tensed voice.]  

Hermes: Yes. It is true, Your Majesty.  

[Enter Hercules]

Hercules: Who will go to the meet?

Zeus: Me, Hades, and Poseidon for sure.

Hermes: But only 1 representative is needed.

Zeus: Then, call Hades and Poseidon here, at once. Go, Hermes.

 [ Hermes leaves.]


Hercules: Why didn't you ask him the cause of the meet?     

 Zeus: I think I know that.


Hercules: What is it?  


[Enter Hades and Poseidon.]

Hades: Were we called?

Poseidon: Hermes said us to come.

Zeus: Yes, I called you both. Did you read the

today's Godpaper?

Hades: They don't provide that thing in the Underworld.

Poseidon: No, I did not read it.

Zeus: I'm going for the God meet. Is that plain?

Hades: Sure.

Scene 3.

[At Mount Kailash.]

[Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati on the scene.]

Shiva: Hey, Parvati. What do you think of the God meet?

Parvati: My lord, I think Hermes is thinking of a solution to some problem. Probably about Humans.

Shiva: I do not know whether to think about Humans now, everything has a time.

[Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu.]

Brahma: Hello lord Shiva, have you heard about the news in the Godpaper?

Vishnu: We must send one representative to the God meet?

Shiva: I advise Lord Brahma to go! He is the creator, the learner of all arts, the creator of all beings.

Brahma: It is true my lord, that I am the creator of everything you see in the daily being, but, I would recommend Lord Vishnu to go because I'm just the creator. He is the preserver. The preserver has a higher position than the creator.

Shiva: Lord Brahma is right. We must send Lord Vishnu to the meet.

Vishnu: My lord, when our savior, OUR redeemer is here, why? Why will the preserver exert his views? To my thought, Lord Shiva is the one who will go.

Shiva: ( laughing softly) My lords, this is a diversity of opinion. Here comes Lord Indra!

[ Enter Indra , Agni and Vayu]

All: (bowing) Hello! Your lordship.

Shiva: (blessing) Hello! I was here to ask you something, Indra?

Indra: Yes, lord.

Shiva: It is the most probable thing that you must have read the Godpaper. By your thought, who should go for the God meet?

Indra: Why? It is all up to you three to choose who should go!

Shiva: We cannot make it out. That is one of the problems.

Agni: Lord Vishnu should go!

Vishnu: Lord Shiva should go!

Indra: Lord Shiva should go!

Vayu: Yes, Lord Shiva should go!

Brahma: Lord Shiva will go! Hail Lord Shiva!

[All disappear]

Shiva: (to Parvati) I'm going to the meet. Let us see what happens?

Scene 4

[At the Asgard]

[Thor and Sif talking in a room.]

Sif: Have you heard what Hermod said?

Thor: No, my dear. What did he say?

[Enter Hod]

Hod: Thor, Odin has asked you to present yourself before him.

[ Exits Hod] [ Enter Loki.]

Loki: Hello Thor, how's all going on?

Thor: Fine! You are here?

Loki: Oh! I was just passing, so I thought to enter. Bye.

[ Exit Loki]

Thor: Oh! Sir, I'm going! [Exit Thor]

[ In Odin's Chambers]

Odin: Bauldr is here? Thor?

Hermod: They are coming. Here comes Thor.

[Enter Thor.]

Thor: Hello Odin, Why did you call us?

Odin: Wait! Here comes Bauldr.[ Enter Bauldr]

Bauldr: Yes Odin!

Odin: I have called you here to consult you on the representative we are going to send to the God meet.

Bauldr: Send then! You must go to the Meet.

Thor: You are the kings of Gods.

Odin: I wanted to ask Njörd too.

[Enter Hod]

Hod: Sir, Njörd has come.[Enter Njörd]

Njörd: Say, Odin! For what purpose have you called me? [ In a brusque tone.]

Odin: It is probable that you have heard of the God meet. Who do you advise to go to?

Njörd: Despite all of the wars and disputes between us you should go. This is because when humans search on the web 'who is the god of Norse mythology' your name comes.

Odin: Humans ' Search'?

Thor: They just search about you Njörd. They've made movies on me.

Odin: I also saw my character in a movie.

Thor: More to tell Frejya and Bauldr, with the Greek god of power, Kratos are combined in a have series.

Odin: I see! What humans are up to?

[Enter Loki]

Loki: Njörd?[confused]

Njörd: Yes, Loki. How are you?

Loki: You are here from Vanaheim*.

Njörd: Yes.

Loki: Why?

Njörd: For the consultation for Godmeet.

Loki: I see! So, Odin, it is sure that you are going. No one other can dare to go. You will show your supremacy and tell the tales of killing Ymir* and how your brothers bound my son Fenrir by Giengnir and took my son Slepniir as your horse. Or how you told Jormungand not to move away from Midgard.

Odin: Loki![in grief]

Loki: Enough Odin! Go! Enjoy the meet.

[Leaves Loki]

Njörd: I'm going too.[leaves]

Bauldr: Bye Odin.[leaves]

Thor: Call us after the meet once more [leaves]

Odin: I have no words for Loki's speech. I'm speechless. I want to prevent Ragnarök*. Oh! My![leaves]


[Shiva and Odin on the scene.]

Shiva: I'm sure, Hermes told us this location.

Odin: Yes! I'm sure too.

[Enter Jesus Christ.]

Shiva: Good morning, Jesus.

Jesus: Good morning.

[Enter Zeus with Buddha.]

Buddha: Oh my! Are you all here?

Zeus: No! I think so!

[Enter Hermes.]

Hermes: Yes, all are here.

Odin: Why have you called us here, Hermes?

Shiva: Yes, me too, have this Doubt in my mind.

Buddha: IT is true, Hermes, for me too.

Jesus: Oh gods? Let Hermes speak.

Zeus: Speak Hermes.

Hermes: My dear Gods, Lord Shiva, God Odin, Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Zeus, and lord Allah. Wait where is lord Allah?

[Enter Prophet Muhammad.]

Muhammad: Allah has sent me as the representative of Islam.

Hermes: Sure! Everyone is here. So here we are! We are here for the discussion of Earth. How will Earth run?

Jesus: Earth is rotating, revolving. The beings in it are happy.

Hermes: No! I and Hermod, the messenger of Norse gods went to earth disguised as humans. We've discussed and found out that people are not happy.

Jesus: What is the reason?

Shiva: Yes, we want to know the reason.

Hermes: They want God to come to them. To show the proof that God is there. The majority of the population on Earth does not believe in religion. They've lost their belief in God.

Muhammad: A serious problem, indeed.

Hermes: They are fighting against each other in the name of religion. the Turks and Christians started to expand the religion and extent and fought words for Jerusalem. Humans call it crusades. then Romans adopted Christianity and Greek and Norse mythology started falling into ruins. We have become just fairy tales for humans.

Shiva: I swear that in all the mythologies, the world begins with great destruction and will end with great destruction.

Jesus: We just call it by different names.

Zeus: That is all! God is one! Called by different names.

Hermes: Hmm, the riots are breaking in every part of the world. Four crusades between Christians and Muslims. Then the Hindu-Muslim riots and Hindu-Sikh riots in India.

Muhammad: This India is becoming the root of religious riots.

Odin: Once upon a time everyone lived in their own spheres. Then there was peace and prosperity. Then the squares clashed with each other and then riots started breaking out. In the 11th century, the crusades were the first religious battles for the land of Jerusalem which was sacred for both.

Buddha: Hinduism was getting complicated in the fourth century. That is why several sporadic outbreaks happened related to religion, leading to the increase in both Jainism and Buddhism.

Shiva: It became correct after the bhakti cult. Humans do not listen to our sayings but they go on creating their own world. We'd given four ashramas for a man to follow but nowadays what is the use of all those four thousand years old manuscripts that the processors of humanity created. All are done.

Jesus: Yes. This is true from the beginning. Humans have betrayed each other and have fallen into evil but the question arises that how can we stop it?

Zeus: That is the question to the point!

Odin: Cannot the good souls be sent to Earth.

Muhammad: People on Earth will loot and oppress the good and innocent.

Shiva: Yet, this is not the time for the redeemer to go to Earth.

Buddha: Listen, I've one thing. Let us go to Earth, in person, to preach humanity.

Hermes: Every day is not the same. There was no technology. But now they will cut an incision into our body. They will check what is inside and will try to duplicate us. Robots are starting to prevail on Earth. There is nothing in person. 

Buddha: Hmm.

Jesus: Problems!

Shiva: No solution!

Zeus: Oh! Jesus!

Odin:[Cold breaths]

Muhammad: What will happen?

Hermes: Anything?

All together: Yes.

Hermes: Huh?!

All together: We make humans live, this does not mean, they are superior to us. The redeemer is coming! The savior is coming.

[ All disappear]

Hermes: Was this a sign of Ragnarök! What could it imply? Oh my god? The redeemer is coming! Ragnarök is coming...

[Leaves Hermes]

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