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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Dalia Choudhury

Drama Romance


Dalia Choudhury

Drama Romance



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Daisy was the editor of the weekly journal, Relationships; it was February calling, love was in the air, the town was painted red. This time her beloved gifted her a spiral binding of her writeups; he did not forget 14th February this time! She was fifty years old now, turning the pages of the gift which her husband, John gifted her. She was surrounded by her children and grandchildren and as she turned the pages, she came across the writeup which helped her to bag her job as a subeditor then.

Date: 14/02/2008


(Daisy John).

Why do we need a special day to love our beloved when we can do it every day rather expected to do so every day? Well, it's all about time. We have become working machines. We have no social life, or absolutely negligible social life. We can't spend quantity time with our beloved ones. So, why not dedicate a day to this beautiful cause! It may be a very much 'Occidental' concept. But nothing is wrong in embracing the 'good' of another culture when it brings a smile to the face of our beloved ones.

It was 14th February, 2007, I was alone at home tuning movie channels. I came across the schedule of an English movie channel, and as expected glued myself to the TV. It was the movie ''P.S. I Love you.''

It was a must-watch! 

He was still in office. I thought, four years of courtship & two years of married life made me older. But in my heart of hearts, I always remained a teen. Age can never hamper me!

 I felt alone and expected some cuddling from him, as I always do. It was a night which drenched everyone, unexpected rains in the 2nd week of February. During movie breaks, I peeped through the window, waiting for him to arrive. It was already 9:30 pm and the sky cried with me too! 

This time, I "wasn't" the first person to wish him!

I thought, why should I be the first always? 

I didn't wish him the entire day, no calls, no messages to him. My 'ego' overpowered me that day; I wanted to watch the movie with him; I wanted to celebrate the day with him as we did during our courtship days. 

I feared, I could "no longer enamor" him!

He came back from the office at sharp 9:45pm. He freshened himself, meanwhile,I prepared tea for him. He then tuned the TV. The said film was still been aired. He asked me to bring his laptop from our room. 

I went into the room & was awe-struck!

On the bed, he kept a card, a red rose, and chocolates and a showpiece of a dancing couple.

 A note beneath the flower said,

 ''love you forever!"

This was what a pleasant surprise meant to me; my heart leaped with joy! 

I felt so loved on the day of love,and, words couldn't express my feelings. My ego was overpowered by his shower of love & that was what I wanted….for him to express first, on this day of love. 

I rushed to where he was. I hugged him tight & kissed his forehead with tears in my eyes. I thought him to be "reticent" but he proved me wrong. Till then, Holly(the female lead of the movie) found her new love and we found our revitalized love! 

I thought, a little ego was worth it.

"Some joys are better expressed in silence as a smile holds more meaning than a gamut of words."

 He asked, if I enjoyed having him in his life???

…. I just smiled!

P.S. "I loved him then, now and FOREVER!!!"

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