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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".



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Rosa and Richard were old school people, they were experiencing the changes from landlines to androids. They loved the landline as it brought the family together but mobiles were a bolt from the blue! Sitting at the adjacent room, their children wished them "good morning" with the aid of mobiles; they were so engrossed and delved deep into the mobile that they could not wish their parents in person!

Rosa and Richard made cards for each other and also for their children on special occasions but they were getting e-cards from their children.


Technological-leapfrogging was creating a gulf between them and their children! They were smart, educated, technology savvy but they loved to indulge in the old school ways when it came to technology and communication.


The couple heard from their grownup children, the new internet lingo, PDA.

It was their 28th Wedding Anniversary and also the convocation day of their youngest son, Rio. She had to visit a gynaecologist as she was undergoing the menopausal transition; he had to crack a deal with the realtors for their supplies; elder son, Ryan, accompanied their younger son to the convocation ceremony.


They were not angry as their parents needed the company of each other, away from their family responsibilities. That was the best "PDA picture" they had ever clicked and gifted their parents on their anniversary! 


When Rio and Ryan gilded the picture with flowers and presented to their parents, their joys knew no bound!

They understood, "change is the only constant even in relationships, to accept technology as part of a relationship was one of those!"


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