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Entwined Souls

Entwined Souls

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“I never thought you would make me stand at this bus stop at this time of the night!!”, Ananya yelled on the phone to her brother Avinash.

“I am on the way, just 5 minutes!!”

Ananya's mind was restless due to a guy sitting in the corner of that bus stop, staring and murmuring something!!

“Why did you ask me stand here? I could have stood inside the bus station”, Ananya was angry on seeing her brother.

“You are returning after one month. Many things have taken place here since the time you left. Inside the bus station, many bad guys roam around so it is not safe. Here due to this guy, nobody would come!”

He pointed at the guy sitting.

“Why?”, Ananya was surprised.

“His sister got kidnapped & raped at this very place. After that he has gone mad and he sits here every day. Their parents died long ago. Now some NGO's take care of him.”

Her mind's tornado was suddenly arrested by sympathy!! She seized his glance in her mind like a caged bird. It's symphony ignited a spark in her heart!! With schintillating eyes and a subtle smile, she went with her brother.

“Why are you standing in this bus stop, Ananya? Let's go.”, Sidharth grabbed his wife's hands.

“Just 5 minutes!!”, She stood there.

“Why did you decide to marry me even when I was a mad guy who would always sit at this bus stop?”, Sidharth asked.

“You lost your heart and your soul was bleeding. On that day, I only saw that.”

He broke down into her hands, as those moments of bus stop and hospital floated around him with her smile bringing a dawn in his lonely dark horizon!

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