Sudha Ramanathan

Drama Romance


Sudha Ramanathan

Drama Romance

Dream, Chase, Conquer!!

Dream, Chase, Conquer!!

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All his life, Ashutosh wanted to touch the sky but never ever wanted to fly.

He was scared he would fall and get hurt, didn't exactly understand that dreams, although tax-free, won't help him much unless he acknowledged them wholeheartedly.

Ashu was sulking perpetually, leading a mundane life, working in an MNC earning a decent salary, being an obedient son to his parents and a caring brother to his younger sister.

This was his routine during weekdays. During the weekend, he moonlighted as the lead singer of a local band - Nirvana that performed at different events.

Nobody in his family or social circle knew about this aspect of his life. His bandmates knew him as Vinny, his pseudo-identity and not as Ashutosh Trivedi.

Vinny was everything Ashu always wanted to be but never could be. His three bandmates - Roy, Mishal, and Ivaan had a lot to talk about their mysterious frontman but he was so good that the band could not be imagined without him. Roy rocked the guitar, Mishal was the drummer par excellence and Ivaan was the keyboard wizard. The original quartet did not include Ashu aka Vinny.

It was a chance encounter in Goa two years ago. Ashu had taken a solo trip after his MBA just before he joined his dream company (so to speak). Nirvana was performing at an event and the lead singer did not turn up. Ashu was at the bar when he overheard a conversation between a couple of organizers. He walked up to them and asked if he could step in. They could easily have laughed over his alcohol-induced enthusiasm but there was something about Vinny they could not fully comprehend. Roy, Mishal, and Ivaan were skeptical, Vinny convinced them to take a chance. Their gig was a runaway success. Vinny literally set the stage on fire.

As a deal, Vinny performed only over the weekends, no questions asked. Rest of the days, his bandmates freelanced on various projects. The fact that Nirvana was based in Mumbai helped as most of the events were in the town interspersed with few travelling shows.

Things were routinely anonymous the last two years until one fine day when they got called by a leading music label in the country to put an album together. This was the zenith Nirvana had yearned for, the pedestal where Vinny wanted to be.

But what about Ashu?

His parents would never warm up to the fact that their only son is a wannabe musician who doesn't want to continue his secure job anymore.

His social circle might detest him for leading a life of lies, the trust falling apart to never come back.

Ashu was at Aksa beach lost in thoughts when someone patted him on his shoulder.

"Hi, Vinny!! I am Reha, am a big fan of yours. Nirvana rocks. Can I click a picture with you?"

Ashu was stunned, people had started recognizing him as Vinny. This should not have happened. He excused himself saying he was Ashutosh and not Vinny and left quickly.

Once home, he shut himself in his room. This was his route to escapism. His parents were out attending a family event and his sister had gone on a college trip. Suddenly it struck to him that he had let a loyal fan down. He couldn't have done this. An artist becomes and remains one because of his fans. 

He picked up the phone and called Roy. An hour later, Roy, Mishal, and Ivaan were at his home. He had told everything about himself to all three and asked them to come home.

Once they arrived, he personally apologized to each of them, there were hugs and cuss words exchanged.

Now it was time to talk to his parents. They arrived just in time. His bandmates were still around. He told his father that he always wanted to do something in music but never had the courage to tell as he did not want to hurt him or anyone in the family but he can't continue living in a box. He just can't let go of it now that he was so close to fulfilling his dream. Tears welled up in his eyes.

His father walked up to him and asked why he hadn't shared this before. He was proud of his son as he is and he need not change one bit. Ashu couldn't believe what he just heard. That was so easy. He wondered why he didn't talk earlier. It was like one of those happy twists to an otherwise dramatic Bollywood plot.

The album released to great applause and adulation. Ashu was at peace with himself. Wait, there was some unfinished business!!

It was a bright Sunday morning, Ashu stepped out of the house hurriedly. He was mumbling a secret prayer as he got into his car.

He reached his destination in half an hour. He parked his car and started walking, his eyes were in perpetual search mode.

Voila, there she was!!

He walked up to her and patted lightly on her shoulders. The beach was resonating with the sound of the waves.

She turned around and gave him a puzzled look. She started walking away.

"Reha, I am sorry!! Please listen to me for two minutes, that's all I need."

Ashu told her everything and also thanked her for being an angel in disguise. Had she not asked him for a picture that day, he wouldn't have mustered up the grit to make his dreams his own.

Fate is not always cruel,it can be a sweetheart too!! You just need to take the first step and everything will surely fall into place.

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