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Ignite the reading passion in kids this summer & "Make Reading Cool Again". Use CHILDREN40 to get exciting discounts on children's books.

palak Inde

Children Stories Drama Inspirational


palak Inde

Children Stories Drama Inspirational



4 mins

Saanu was happy today. He got his name, fame everything in one go. He came home and told his dad about his interview. The driver took him to the press and he dropped him at home too. He was tired but was happy. They immediately asked the chef to have snacks. Saanu was telling his experience to his mom when his snacks arrived. All three of them had a gala time. He told that he had his first interview with such great excitement. He was fumbling also. He was nervous but he managed somehow. All together it was great fun.

 When he saw the news he shivered.

It was questioning his capabilities. It was showing that he was a music director's son, that's why he was getting famous as an established singer. He didn't deserve the fame he was getting. They even questioned his legitimacy. They were not his real parents. He had been taken from a roadside, etc....

 He became pale, sad and furious... Even his parents got furious. 

"What's this?? You are my real parents. Don't you? What's this bullshit? My real parents....... " 

He started sobbing. He was feeling cheated, devastated.

They consoled him. "We are your parents. No matter what was your past, see towards your present. We are your present and future parents. The bad had happened in the past and nobody can change it. But, we all can have is our better future. Don't worry my child. You are my son. You are Saanu Sumer, my son. Anybody having a doubt can come to me. Don't pay any attention to them."

"But, I still want to know about my past."

"Are you sure?? Actually, we didn't want to hurt you in every way."

"I m sure. Please tell me na Dad."

"We had adopted you from the orphanage." He got shocked.

"You belonged to the family of rag pickers. You were living with your family in the outskirts of the city in the slum area. Your parents died when you were just 5 years old. It was a car accident. Your relatives had taken care of you till one or two months after that accident. They abandon you saying they can't fulfil their the, how can they feed you?? You were sent to the orphanage. You were taken care of for a good period of ou. Proper care for your nutrition, proper awareness for your studies. You were living a better life than your earlier one. You have a very good voice quality. Maybe genetically, but I found it quite unique."


"Then, I was visiting that orphanage for charity purpose. There I saw you for the very first time. Also, you were not in that very good clothes, but still your face was radiating a unique attraction that attracted me the most. I was already attracted to you and then, I saw you singing. I couldn't believe my ears. I had never seen such a boy, in such a young age, having that much quality of voice texture. I came home and discussed it with your mum. We have been waiting for our own child for 7 years. We had tried IVF, but it didn't result in positive. At that time only, we were planning to adopt an only. I found my hope in you. You were exactly like the kid I want. Next time, me and my wife came to see you. When we had discussed adopting you, they were surprised to know that we were not adopting an infant or a kid below 5 years of age. Although there were many kids, I don't know how I got attached to you. We had filed for adoption. After processing for some weeks, we got you. Slowly slowly, we tried to know you, your interest, your hobbies, your, your friends, your weakness, your strength, your everything. After your consent, we adopted you legally. Although you were not that enough mature, you were given the option to select us as your parents and you did it in our favour.

After you become a part of our family, we try to become compatible with you as much as we can. I hope we do?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Then we put you in school and we tried to spend time with you as much as we can. 

I even cancelled some of my projects just because I want some family time with all of us. After recognising your singing talent, we sent you for music classes to a renowned singer. You had practised really hard, my child. When I felt your training had been sufficient, I brought you to the singing world and here you are. You are shown wrong because people are jealous of you. No matter, we knew what you are. People always say something to demotivate you. It's your responsibility about how to deal with them."

"Yes, dad."

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