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Corona Diaries

Corona Diaries

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Hi there,

You must have heard about me to the extent that you are going crazy because of me, both in and outside your home. Everywhere, everyone's talking about me, the one and only Corona, man has not even spared the toilet.

Well, to be frank with you, I am, sorry, I was a beautiful creation of God once upon a time. I used to be admired by everyone in the universe. Initially, I used to accredit my beauty to the almighty. As time went by, I met so many beautiful creations around the universe who were independent and did not even think about God, leave aside thanking him.

I was gifted a rose once by my friends, it was so aromatic that I complimented the rose, in turn, it flattered me to such an extent that I forgot all about God and his existence and became the best of friends with rose. I used to love to travel around with rose and meet so many people, most often on happy occasions.

Well, God used to send me several reminders in the form of natural calamities like earth quake, forest fire, floods, and what not, but who had the time to even think about it. I hardly paid attention to all this.

One day, both rose and me had an argument as to who was more beautiful, both of us vouched for our own beauties, but went to one of the renowned personality who advised us to pray to God. We both did our prayers to God, and there he came within no time. God just told us since we had totally forgotten about his identity, he said he will make both of us lose our identity and merged both me and rose into one microbe, and rechristened us as " corona". That's why whenever you see me, I am covered with rose thorns outside my body. Imagine both me and rose in a tiny microbe together, suffocated, and neither able to consume nor excrete anything. God said, not to worry as he would be providing us with luxury, good food, and all the essentials at the cost of mankind. As we couldn't understand that, he explained in brief, that we would be entering the man made world and slowly start infecting people who have been taking pride in each and everything they do, totally having forgotten that we were all God's creation. God told us to be careful because we had prayed to him in the last moment, that man may come up with several ideas to kill us, ie, Corona, but they would not succeed like earlier times, because this is God sent and sooner the man realizes, the better for him. God vanished with the same speed that he had presented before us.

I try my maximum not to attack the innocent people around me, but if their pot of sins is full, even God cannot save them.

My dear mankind, this is a wake up call for all of you out there.

 Remember the eight wonderful do's.

Be thankful to God first of all by letting go of your EGO.

 Second of all, take care of your parents.

 Third of all, love your children and family. 

 Fourth, eat only how much is required. 

 Fifth, learn more than you earn.

 Sixth, respect your body because that's the only house where you reside in.

 Seventh, save for the future, by preserving the nature. 

 Eighth, God is the ultimate power, pray for him at this hour, because he's your savior.

Yours lovingly,

From the diaries of Corona.

To be continued.......

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