Rakesh Savjani

Drama Action Thriller


Rakesh Savjani

Drama Action Thriller

Bare Bullet...

Bare Bullet...

8 mins

Suddenly all officials reach to headquarter. An emergency meeting is called by the chief. Nobody knows the reason but one thing is sure something serious happens which forced chief to rush at midnight. Everyone makes himself settle on a chair. There is a deep silence in the room and everyone is waiting for updates. Suddenly the chief asks to start the projector. Pictures of Abhimanyu, Kabir, Sameer, and Virendra are on screen. People are attentive and desperate to hear words of chief.

Chief: There is no news about these 4 people from the last 24 hours. Maybe they are kidnapped or killed. There is no clue. Their numbers are not reachable. They were lost from 4 different places in Russia. Gentlemen this is not good news.

Dr. Baxi (Senior most after Chief): Seriously it is a very dangerous situation and we have to respond to this immediately. But how?.

Chief: Where is Rajveer?

Someone in the hall responded, "He is in Turkey".

Chief: Call him immediately and ask to take charge of the case. By the way what he is doing in Turkey.

Dr. Baxi: Sending some evils to the hell.


Romantic instrumental music, costly wines, and beautiful girls. Faiz's party is always lavish. Businessmen, celebrities, models, and political leaders love to be part of it. Faiz Habib is a very influencing personality. Connection with beaurocrates, celebrities, and the richest businessmen make him a center point of attraction. He has multiple businesses of marine cargo, cruise, import-export, and investment firms. These are just for the world actually he is selling flesh in the international market and raising funds for major terrorist organizations. 

Party is at its peak. Everyone is enjoying costly drinks and sensational performances by Arabian dancers. The party hall is surrounded by bodyguards with high tech guns. The waiter comes up with a bottle of champagne and takes permission from Faiz to open it. Faiz permits him with nodding head. Suddenly, 3 bullets are shot from the bottle to Faiz, and power is gone. The hotel staff manages to arrange electricity back within 2 minutes. Bodyguard is searching for the waiter like a hungry tiger and everyone has started running and shouting. People see a man with a black costume and mask on face jumping from the window. Someone has jumped from the 15th floor of the hotel. He has reached at the ground and disappears on his sports bike. Before people can understand anything, Faiz's body is at the floor and he is dead. Bodyguards are chasing bike rider but they got the only bikes at a far lonely places without any clue. 

Dr. Baxi is overwhelming with joy as he got news of Faiz's death. He has immediately called Rajveer and asked him to report at headquarters.

The next day morning, Rajveer is in front of Dr. Baxi, and the entire Team is congratulating him for successful completion of the mission.

Rajveer: 4 undercover agents are not traceable. Surely disappointing news. Any clue or suspect.

Dr. Baxi: No clue but one thing in common. They were keeping eye on Zodiac, a multinational company selling missiles and aircraft to the majority of countries in the world. 

Rajveer: Mr. Colin, biggest war equipment manufacturer of the world who loves war and unrest amongst superpowers because for him business is everything. Suspected for providing weapons to terrorist organizations. It's quite exciting.

Dr. Baxi: Don't jump the gun. He is a big man and we don't have any proof against him. He can create pressure on us at the international forum and we don't want to lose our image there. Be careful.

Rajveer: Let's start from Colin's Head Quarter, Moscow where Kabir was posted.


A taxi driver with nameplate is waiting for Rajveer at the airport. Rajveer has taken a taxi and started towards the hotel. A person covered in leather clothes and helmet is riding a sports bike and constantly firing on Rajveer's car. Stunts are quite thrilling. The car is running on 120 speed and the bike is chasing it. People started shouting at this horrible chase. The Bike rider is still firing on Rajveer like a messenger of death. Rajveer has taken command of the car and started zigzag driving for a few minutes after that he has jumped from the car and settled himself in a corner. The Bike rider is searching for a car and suddenly Rajveer has jumped. The Bike rider has lost control and fallen on the road. Now helmet is no more on a face. A gorgeous woman is coming towards Rajveer and told "Dr. Baxi has sent tough guy this time". My name is Taniya undercover agent and will support you in this mission.

Rajveer: Not bad but you have other ways also to test me. Firing on a road will create chaos and police will be behind us.

Tanya: Don't worry. Nobody will catch us 

Rajveer started the bike and both gone disappear in a few minutes.

Tanya: Kabir is not contactable from the last 2 days. This is the last message from him (^#CD. I have tried to decode this but not able to understand.

Rajveer: It is not easy to decode Kabir. We both have completed our training together. I am surprised that someone has kidnapped Kabir. Next to impossible. Do you have any clue about the rest of the 3?

Tanya: No. But the pattern of kidnapping in all 3 is common. All 3 were disappeared from the market which was a very crowded place. They went disappear without any vehicle, any firing, or any struggle. Even people nearby were not sure about this. 

Rajveer: Any news about Colin.

Tanya: On this Saturday Mr. Colin has arranged a party. He is going to announce his new weapon which is going to change the face of war. I am trying to get an entry to that party.

Rajveer: This is the best opportunity to interact with Colin and check his place. Maybe we will get some clue.

Tanya gets ready with a long red gown, sharp makeup, and curly hairstyle. She is looking like hot live wire which is enough to destroy anyone. Rajveer in a black 4 piece suit is looking dashing. Both have entered into the party. The defence minister, top officials of the army, delegates from all major countries, and big shots of Moscow are there. The Party hall was secured with bodyguards, Drones, and high-tech weapons. We are amazed to see Colin and his connection with high profile delegates. Almost every country wants to build relation with him as he is the biggest arms dealer in the world. Every country wants better weapons to make the army more powerful.

Mr. Colin warmly addresses invitees and asks his team to show the demo. A demo picture starts with an injured soldier who is not able to wakeup and screaming in pain. His colleague is injecting something in his body and within few minutes soldier wakes up and started practicing. Everyone is freeze by seeing this.

Colin starts talking on injection. The injection contains a chemical called Cobra 3. It will increase the strength of humans and reduce the pain within minutes so a soldier can immediately resume the field. This can be used in the medical field also to reduce the pain of humans. This time I don't want to produce a weapon which seems to be a destroyer. I will come up with chemical which will be useful to cure pain and give new power to humanity. 

All invitees started clapping on Colin's words. After lavish dinner, the party is over. Tanya and Ranveer started the drive towards the hotel.

Taniya: I think, it is going to be a blessing for Human beings. A chemical that can reduce pain in the human body will be used in medical treatments.

Rajveer: Colin is a weapon manufactured not a scientist. He is least bothered about well being of humans. He is interested in money by selling this to a few superpowers.

He has disclosed half-truth in the party. 

Tanya: Means

Rajveer: This chemical not only increases the physical strength of humans but also decreases mental health. A human can be converted into a machine and slave by injecting this.

Tanya: Ohhhh No.

Rajveer: Please show me the last message of Kabir quickly.

Tanya : (^#CD

Rajveer: I am sure this code is talking about Cobra 3. Kabir got some information in advance and he wanted to inform us. C means Cobra, # means 3 typed with the shift key. The code is written by pressing the shift key. Just write without the shift key

Tanya: 963cd. But there is no meaning of this.

Rajveer: Read this inversely. It is dc369. Delivery of Cobra 3 to China (Product code of China starts with 69). Means Colin will deliver this chemical to China illegally without having permission from international authorities.

Tanya: Surely bad news. But how he has kidnapped our agents? 

Rajveer: How can I miss this? We have missed that there is a huge building nearby in all 3 cases. Someone has jumped from the building with spring and rope. He has picked the target and gone disappear within a second. This is the reason we have not got any clue about this.

Colin is going to use one of the powerful weapons against us. In fact, he knows everything about us. He knows I am here. He is chasing us. Things are going to be worst. Our usual plans will not work on this mission. But between all odds, there is good news also.

Tanya: Who is behind us and what is the good news?

Rajveer: Kabir.

Tanya: What????

Rajveer: Kabir is alive and he had kidnapped the rest of 3 agents. We are trained for this. Not sure but somehow Colin becomes successful to inject chemical in Kabir. He is on regular dosage and Now he is more powerful, he doesn't feel any pain and he is going to chase us like a monster.

Tanya: What is the plan now?

Rajveer: No plan. Be ready for thrill, action, and madness

Be ready for "BATTLE OF TITANS" 


TO BE CONTINUE............

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