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Assassination of Faith 1

Assassination of Faith 1

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Rohit screamed with a shriek the moment he opened the door of his house returning from his office. His wife Neena’s body was soaked in blood with an open slit in her throat and bulging eyes.

With trembling hands, he dialed number 100 for Police. We are on our way Sir. The voice from the other end assured Rohit.

After half an hour a Police Jeep with a siren pulled up outside his house.

Hi, I am Inspector Rohan. Are you Rohit?

Yeah, I am and I had called you up as my wife has got murdered.

Let me check out Sir. You please stay out for a while. After inspection, I need to talk to you for some details.

After half an hour, Rohan catched up Rohit in his drawing room.

I am sorry Rohit, she is no more. Informed Rohan.

I know it Inspector.

Do you have any doubt on anybody Rohit?

Nope, she didn’t have any enemy. She had cordial relations with everyone in the society.

I see. Was she working somewhere?

Yeah in ABC Limited. Today she had taken an off as she was not feeling well.

After giving her a Paracetamol, I had gone to office and when I returned, I saw her lying in the pool of blood. Informed Rohit.

I am sending her dead body for Postmortem. Will need your statements and clarifications in Police Station. Please do not leave the city without my permission.

Can I have her Cellphone for investigation purpose? Asked Rohan.

Rohit handed over Neena’s phone to Rohan which was lying on the table next to Neena’s bed.

I don’t know the password to open it as she had kept it as a secret from me.

Not to worry Sir, I will get it opened through a mobile professional.

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