Drashti Badheka



Drashti Badheka


Apple Tree

Apple Tree

5 mins

He holds me tight until the truck pulled out. It was so much crowd around us, they helped us to get us out but Darsh was so strong, I thought he was alone able to push truck along with getting us outside of it. I wasn't hurt but still, he denied my request for a check-up. Dr. Sen came to check me. Everything was normal. He recommended to see him again if anything happens. I nodded.

Darsh was very upset, he took the deepest breath when Dr told everything was OK. He didn't speak a word till he drove me home. It was breaking me from inside. Was he upset because I might have met a serious accident or was he upset because I might have entered the part of him which he wanted to hide? 

I asked him: "Are you angry?" 

He answered me by nodding his head no. We were near my house now. 

He told me: "go inside and have rest."

"OK," I replied. 

He put something inside my bag, I didn't dare to ask. 

I went outside of the car to meet him. He looked into my eyes. His eyes were so sad like he wanted to cry. I wasn't liking this feeling, I wanted him to remove his pain but I can't help him. He hugged me tightly, but this hug wasn't meant to feel love, it was like he meant to be sorry. Just this night should pass, tomorrow I hope he will be my Darsh again.

"I love you," I told him. 

He waited for long and then finally again hugged me and told:

"I love you too jaan." 

It was like he was dying to tell me. I instantly asked:

"Can I ask you.....??? "I tried to get some answer if it wasn't the wrong time. 

"don't you want rest??" he asked as if he was going to answer anything I will ask. 

"no longer I could rest until... " 

he understood what I was going to ask and I was looking forward to his answers. 

He told: "Shoot them."

The first came to my mind was...

"Are you human?"

he smiled with strictness. He closed his eyes and asked me a question:

"what do you suspect?" 

I thought my question again in my mind. Every moment I spend with him was the best moments, but what happened today was my imagination, or was it real? I couldn't believe my eyes. 

"I don't know, plz tell me who are you." 

He hold my hands, took to sit near my house. It consists of small grass with roses at boundaries. I love the flowers. I use to plant new shrubs daily when I was little, but now they are grown up to be big trees. We never sit here after we were 15, as I was all time busy with works. After so long, we came here and I was going to know the other part of him. 

"so... What are you?"

I was waiting for his answer while he was continuously looking towards me. He rolled his eyes towards beautiful red and white roses, several other small trees, and plants. 

He pointed towards a small tree of apple whom I use to take care a lot bcoz it was the first one I planted, 

he told me:

"You love this tree. Right?" 

I was sure he wasn't going to answer directly, so I too went with the flow. 

"I love everyone here," I replied.

He stood up and went to take an apple. He brought a darkest red apple which looked really delicious and beautiful. He came forward to let me see something, he joined his hands, it was looking like careful protective hands for an apple. 

He told me:

"You are this apple, beautiful and young. And these hands represent me who tried to take you away from your tree but to protect you. I m not good for you but I m here to keep you safe. I don't belong here but still, I m here just for you."

I was carefully listening to his words, this was the briefest explanation I have ever heard from him. 

"so u are not human and trying to protect me?" I asked. 

"I m sorry, I m not allowed to tell you. But you have to keep in mind, I will be always by your side, and for your curiosity, I may answer 'I m partial human, who could live as human'. I know you think I m more to something but can't you live with this, will you accept me like this?"

"I will accept you in any form. You mean the whole world to me." 

his eyes shined when he listened to these words. Again he thought about something which made him look anxious.

"what? Again" I asked him. 

"partial me is very dangerous for you. Will you be able to love me if I won't be good for you?"

"I will always love you. I know you won't hurt me ever." I hugged him. He felt a little relief by listening but still, he wasn't sure that I will accept him. He still doesn't know how much I love him. It didn't matter who is he. A good or bad guy. The only thing matters are he. 

I told him:

"good night Jaan. Take a rest. I always love you."

I went to my room, he was gone like thin air. It was so confusing, he was human but partial. Then who is he is real. I can't let this topic rest. I need to find out. I took out my phone and searched. 

I didn't know what to search and then I wrote: 

"human features having powers." there was a list which included unicorns, lion whose head was of women, and much more. But these didn't get related. 

And then I got a site with hybrid creatures, I clicked it. It showed me a list but nothing was relating except one. 

It was about hybrid vampires, those are ones who are born half-human and half-vampire. They have strong power of a vampire while also have feelings like a human. They can live on either blood and also on human food. They can react like human. Their heartbeats like a human but it is strong ice like of vampire. The age for a few years after they are born, after a certain age they gain immortality.

My whole surrounding was like a blur.

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