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Dalia Wadhwa

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Dalia Wadhwa

Abstract Drama Others

An Urge To Mankind

An Urge To Mankind

2 mins 278 2 mins 278

03rd April 

Day 9th of lockdown 

Dear diary 

By now, we have somehow adjusted ourselves to the lockdown effect. Spending lazy days, over-dependence on social media to combat boredom, keeping ourselves up to date with the latest updates . The wave of apprehension regarding the uncertainty is spreading like the virus itself. 

But in spite of all this, some very interesting and unusual posts are making a mark in the social networking sites. The news of fearless wild animals strolling in the human habitat.


The dolphin swimming happily in the Juhu beach, or the deer hoping and bouncing along with the waves in Puri or the elephant taking a purposeless walk on the roads in Dehradun. 

And today, the news of the Dhauladhar range in Himachal Pradesh been seen from Jalandhar caught my eye.

What a turn nature has taken. These gallant, unafraid creatures moving carefree without intervention by the human who themselves are barred from crossing the Laxman Rekha drawn by the invisible enemy. 

The animals feel safe, the air becomes clean only if we human stay away! 

Are we such a big threat to our mother earth? 

That means this world is going to be a much better place without us! 

After the lockdown gets over we humans will come out of our confinement to make the earth unsafe for animals and poison the air again.

Is it what they deserve? Is it what we really want? They do so much for us, helping us to survive by maintaining the ecological balance. And in return can't we just let them live their life without acting like a virus to them causing threat and agony? 

Let us all take an oath today to make our mother earth a better place to live for ourselves and all the other creations of God, and for our next generations to come. 

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