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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Action Drama Fantasy


Amanpreet Singh

Action Drama Fantasy

An Eccentric Daredevil

An Eccentric Daredevil

7 mins 1.6K 7 mins 1.6K

A large arena was thrilling the mob under the cloudy blue sky. It appeared as if it was dusk, but it was noon time. An old king was sitting on his throne, before him sat about five thousands of people, watching the big ground in front of him.

Beautiful girl dancers were killing the hearts of ordinary masses with their hot dancing feats. People were dancing, screaming and rejoicing with joy. The king was also tapping his right foot at the beats of music. The full environment was ranted with mirth and merriment.

After few minutes the king raised his right hand and the all arena fell silent within seconds, pin drop silence prevailed for about two minutes. The king proclaimed, “Today my mood is great and I am drenched in revelry. I want to share my happiness with you all. I give an open challenge to all of you. I will give you one test and if you pass, you can ask anything you like, I will fulfil your demand. You can demand as much money as you want. But remember if you fail, you die!”

“My people, is there anyone brave enough who wants to accept this open challenge?” No people from the crowd came forward. One soldier jumped into the ground and shouted loudly, “I dare accept this challenge!” Word “Bravo, bravo” ranted the air of the large arena.

“Very good. The first step is to fight with my three best soldiers in swordsmanship and this you have to do now and the other two tasks I will reveal only when you have completed the first two tasks successfully.”

Immediately three expert soldiers in swordsmanship surrounded the challenger. The challenger fought valiantly, but he couldn’t stand longer before them. He was brutally cut to pieces within a few minutes. The crowd of five thousand people struck silence as the challenger fell face down, never to get up again.

Again the beautiful dancers arrived in the arena and began to show their attractive feats on the drum beats. And again the crowd fell prey to the music beats, couldn’t help shaking their bodies joyfully. Again after a few minutes, the king asked in a kingly manner, “Is there anyone worthy enough to accept my open challenge.”

This time no soldier dared raise his hand as no one knows what the other two tasks are going to unfold before them. Suddenly all saw one hand raised in the common crowd. All crowd astonished to see a hand raised in the common crowd. Whispering and murmuring sounds became louder everywhere.

A long strong, muscular, long-haired, trimmed moustache and beard entered the large ground of arena. His face was bit dirty and very rough, half attired as a soldier and half as a common man in old brown clothes.

The king spoke, “Are you ready to see your body lying in pieces in the dirt of this large arena?”

“Yes my lord, but only after dancing with these beautiful girls. I heard the last wish of a dying man is fulfilled. I have obviously no doubt, you are not going to deny it!” Challenger Peshwa said with a pleasant smile and with a strange severity on his face.

The king raised his hand indicating to fulfil Peshwa’s last wish. Beautiful dancers arrived back and started dancing encircling him. Peshwa started dancing with them, so lost in dance, it seemed as if he had forgotten he was to face death soon. All eyes were fixed on Pesha. What the hell was he doing!

After a few minutes, the king ordered to stop the music and said, “Peshwa, I think you have had enough. Now it is the time to do what you intend to do.”

Peshwa with an irritated smile, “It irks me a bit when someone stops me from dancing, but you are my lord, anything for you.”

At once the three soldiers with sharp, shining and bloody swords encircled him. All of a sudden Peshwa jumped high and stabbed his sword on the side of the neck of the first soldier and the sword journeyed throughout the whole of his neck and came out from the other side.

Then at a quick pace, he blocked the attack of the other soldier, snatched his sword and cut down the legs of the third soldier with one stroke. Now the second soldier has nothing left in his hand as his sword was snatched. He could not tolerate the lurking fear of death and he pissed.

“I forgive you, you go and piss in your home.” Having said this, Peshwa started dancing in the same lost way. All crowd burst into laughter.

“Peshwa, you still have other two tasks to do.” The king clapped twice and a huge giant stepped into the arena. People stood on their feet in awe murmuring, “Now what will Peshwa do? He seems to be a strong man but he should haven’t stepped in to waste his life for seeking death. He is a good swordsman, but he has to win this fight without swords. How can he cope up with the giant’s raw power?”

Pesha took few steps with unexpected agility. The giant couldn’t notice the lightning fast movements of him. Peshwa at once hit the giant with a big low blow. Giant fell face down writhing in pain, fully convulsed. Peshwa gave move sudden blows to his weakest organs and the giant could stand no longer. Then Peshwa caught hold of his neck and twisted hard until he heard the bone-breaking sound.

All crowd stunned to see Peshwa killing a huge giant within few moments. The king at once clapped thrice. The hungry, furious and wicked lion came to the scene. Peshwa took two pebbles and threw them with full force to rupture both eyes of the lion.

At the very next moment, the lion could not see anything except darkness. Peshwa took the sword of the dead soldier and thrust into the lion’s abdomen. Helpless lion soon sucumbed to the wicked injury. Peshwa again started dancing even without music. All shouted with excitement, “Great! Awesome! Superb! Magnificent! How strong, clever and great!”

The king was impressed. He said, “Ask Peshwa, what do you want? I can fulfil your every need.” Peshwa didn’t even look at the king and continued his amateur dance. The king repeated, “I said you something, and ignoring me you are insulting me.” Yet Peshwa didn’t care to pay some heed of what was being said.

“You fool young man, you can be killed for that!”

“It’s better you kill me because the insult of a great king is the worst scenario.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can’t give me what I want.”

“It’s impossible. You open your mouth, the next moment you will be with the things you desire.”

“I want your daughter!”

All crowd, the king and all the soldiers were stunned. A bolt from the blue had struck them all. No one had expected such a mischievous thing could happen. The king could not even back down from what he said. He could not even utter a single word as he was stuck in dilemma.

“Normally, I don’t like to beg. I always get the things myself I want in my life. But your challenge was so luring that I could not help accepting it. But I am a very nice man. I don’t want you to answer now. You can answer me tomorrow morning. Today’s night I want to stay in your palace as a guest. I hope so, this you can do easily.”

The king gave a cue to his courtiers to accept him as their guest. Wide chest Peshwa gave a little smirk and went with the courtiers to the king’s palace.

For the whole night, the king could not sleep. He was continuously thinking about what he should do the very next morning. He could neither give his daughter to this eccentric fellow nor he could back down from his words because he was a mighty king.

The sun made its way to the sky without the notice of the king. The king completely failed to solve out his puzzle. Absolutely perplexed, he was just fumbling for ideas until he heard one of his courtier’s voice saying, “My lord, Peshwa was a traitor! He was a betrayer! He eloped with the princess! Rumours say he was not an ordinary man, he is the king of Dashana empire!”

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