Manav Misra

Tragedy Action Thriller Others Children Stories Fantasy


Manav Misra

Tragedy Action Thriller Others Children Stories Fantasy

Adventurous 4

Adventurous 4

2 mins


1. Robert-An archaeologist.

2. John-Robert's cousin and a senior officer in the army.

3. Mr.Winston-the manager of the hidden hotel.

4. Mr.Smith-the CEO of Smith hotels.

5. Mr.Flip-A joker.

6. Mr.Slip-A joker.

7. the man with the longest nose- a statue

8. Dr.James-An evil scientist.

9. Dr.Jake-An scientist.

10. agent 1-circus announcer

It all started like...

Dr. Jake was researching some secret hotels in his lab. He decided to take a round of the place to find some signs of the hotel. He saw a circus going nearby. He saw his friend John as a guard at the circus. Dr.Jake asked him some questions about the place but John was restricted to leak the information. He told Dr.Jake that he should leave as he could be in danger.

Just then they heard the sound of an explosion. When they went there they saw a crashed airplane. John noticed an incoming missile and ordered his team to initiate the anti-aircraft missile as suddenly there came a chopper and picked up the circus announcer and then the chopper started firing but John had activated the missile but the chopper had destroyed the whole circus with its missile. No one survived, all animals were killed. John's team was going to save the audience and staff but the second missile killed his team. Only two jokers Mr.Flip and Mr.Slip were alive. They were badly wounded, if not treated soon they would also die.

There was no hospital nearby so Dr.Jake took them to his lab. He added the healing chemical to their tiffin and as they ate it their wounds started to fill. The healing chemical was a part of his latest invention from which he could add the DNA of animals to humans and then they will be able to cure the most dangerous diseases. This invention was made when Dr.Jake and Dr.James were good friends. They made it together but Dr.James had to move out of town.

Next week...

When John, Dr.Jake, Mr.Slip, and Mr.Flip were moving around the garden they saw Mr.Winston the manager of the hidden hotel running towards them. Then suddenly came a gun sound and they saw a chopper. In it, there was Dr.James with a sniper rifle in his hand and then two men stepped down suddenly. The chopper fired the missile on Dr.Jake's lab. When Dr was inside the two men then went inside the lab to take the healing formula. Dr. Jake died as he didn't receive the treatment at the right time. It was a sad end for him but John and Robert were determined to get justice for Dr.jake.

Robert and John were called to investigate this incident. John also had some experience working for the forensic team with the police he called his old friends they started searching for any intact healing capsules or the formula that dr jake had made. They found one capsule this is it now they can re-create the formula but now they have to fly all the way to New Zealand where Roberts's cousin sue has her lab. they boarded the flight at 6:00 pm it was a 23-hour 30 min flight during the 23 hours non of them could sleep still they wouldn't believe dr jake was dead. the next evening they reached new Zealand. it took them 2 hours to reach sue's lab they rested there for a while and then ave the sample and the formula to sue she was able to recreate the serum. Robert had to go back to the USA 

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