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Manav Misra

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Black Book

Black Book

5 mins

Black Book - The Book Of Secrets

It all started like…..


I woke up and saw that coke cans were rolling across my bed. I was shocked I thought that no one except me was in my house. I walked into the other room and saw that my phone was in vibrate mode and fell on the stack of coke cans. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself to you my name is James Wobbles.

I picked up my phone and answered the call. It was my best friend Sam he told me that they got the map of the place where the black book is kept. I asked what is the black book. He said that get ready I will come to your home and explain to you the black book.

I dressed up and was waiting for Sam, Sam came and I asked him what is the black book in excitement. He said that the black book has the secrets of the suspicious murder cases of 2017 our detective agency is finding the black book for 3 years. I didn't tell you about I work in the third eye detective agency with my friend Sam. Sam said our boss is telling us to find the black book. We packed our bag and went in search of the black book.

The first place written on the map was the clock tower it had written that at 5 places we will get 5 keys and at the 6th place we will assemble the keys and open one huge lock.

For the clue of the clock tower, it had 2* 3" 1'

They could not get to know what does it mean. Then Sam said that I understood what is it about. It is the 2 floors 3 room 1block. Jack googled it, it was the keyword for the clock tower's room 203. They went to the clock tower and asked for room number 203 the staff replied that the room was reserved from 2017 am unknown man comes does the payment and vanishes in thin air.

They took the smart key and opened the room they opened the cupboard and found a locker they entered the password black book but it was wrong then the correct password was 2*3" 1'

Then the locker opened and they got a key they went to other places and got all the keys.

The last place was an unknown platform. They saw an unclaimed metal trunk with a lock it was welded to the metal wall they assembled all the keys and opened the lock and got the black book they don't even open it and registered a case the next day was the hearing of the court.

Next day.....

In the court, they were going to show the black book to everyone at the same time some sparks came out of the fan and fell on the book and the book caught fire and burnt to ashes

No one till now 2040 has got to know what is written on the black book.....


In the first part, we got to know that the book was burnt but fortunately, the last page was still there but it was hidden with ash.

When they cleared up the ash they saw a half-burnt envelop which had a block of platinum covering they opened it and they got a map which consists of the location of the copyright of the black book when the court saw the map they gave them the deadline of 1 month.

At Evening…..

When they all were set they started to follow the directions were of a place in china they got their tickets and then they went to China. The place was near the border of Shanghai. They all rushed to the Shanghai border the map showed a statue of a person with a beak. The map also showed to press the eye of the person and when they all did that the statue came to life. The statue gave them another map that guided them to Russia. There they all found another map which led them to an old tower in Russia. Many people believed that the tower was haunted and when they reached the tower. It showed the box was protected by an evil mutant suddenly they saw a big human alligator. They thought it was the protector but something awkward happened. The protector didn't attack them but he bowed in front of them as he saw the great map in their hands and then the mutant handed the key to them and let them open the box.

There they got half book and then they got another map which took them to India. They all went to Agra and found another map there they met a person named mao he was also searching for the black book Mao gave them a scroll

The scroll consist of the following lines

"keep the scroll in the place where

 it comes to reality and uses this thing

for the only removal of terrorism, you will

find the book on wisdom and liberty."

They all went to New York and they ran to the statue of liberty sam climbed up the statue and found the second half of the book. But Sam's leg slipped and he fell to the ground. He got a big wound on his head and then he was admitted into the hospital. After his treatment, they again set off for the adventure to find the book from the ocean. Sam was still in the hospital while others went to find the book. They went down to the ocean and dived into the sea down the got the half part of the book but the second part was still in the ocean

Next day …..

In court, they were going to show the black book to everyone. Suddenly Sam enters the courtroom with the second part of the book. The court was on their result to all the cases but unfortunately, Sam injured his leg

all the criminal cases have been solved the gang behind this was caught.

The two friends were given 10,000 as a reward.

Thank you and keep reading .

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