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Fantasy Thriller Children


Shragvi Ghadge

Fantasy Thriller Children

A Voyage To The Green Island

A Voyage To The Green Island

10 mins

A Voyage to The Green Island

With Jessy and her Friends

By- Shragvi U. Ghadge

The Green Island...............        Questions in Mind...............  My Intelligent Friends...............     Mission Island............... Mr. Tom............... Machine Time...............Raven...............Let’s go...............Gorgeous...............Who’s there...............Is that you...............Ashamed...............Sister...............

The Green Island      

“Many ages ago named an island ‘The Green Island’, the most beautiful island and filled with greenery all around. And had a spectacular sunset view. All desires were satisfied that every individual wanted in their life. It was just a small island but, it seems great to all of us. This all things came true because of only one thing, ‘The Green Diamond’. It was the heart of that island. The island got its look and name through the diamond.

  The diamond was the most power full thing on that planet. But some foreigners came in search of that diamond for power and treasure. They found that diamonds, they wrote all the ways coming in and going out and they made a book. They also found the treasure, but while exiting they never returned back except one, Tom. Somehow, he ran from that place and returned back to his home. He had the book with him, he published it but, he didn’t get the diamond. From each and every state, country……… came many people in search of that diamond, only when they all read the book but they never returned back and even though explores weren’t able to exit.

  Then a girl named Raven with her sister Ruby and their father came in search of that diamond, they found the diamond but Raven’s sister and father got lost. Then Raven touched that diamond and all the powers came into her and some evil powers were controlling her, she was not able to speak but the fear inside of her was speaking. The evil power in her destroyed the island, and all people on that island were scared. They left that island and shifted somewhere else. Whoever lived in that island were killed. All people said that island was cursed with the evil powers of Raven because………”, narrated the story of ‘The Green Island, miss Mary, the history teacher.


Questions in Mind      

And at the same time the final bell of the school rang, “Trrriiiiinnnnggg, Trrriiiiinnnngg”. Miss Mary said to all the students, “Come on children, time is up and have a good summer holiday.” “Thank You miss”, said the students.” “What happened Jessy, why are you sitting here?? You don’t want to enjoy holidays!”, said miss Mary.” Miss, what happened next?! Is that place actual!!! Can we……” said Jessy with an excitement. And the same time said miss Mary with a laugh,” Stop, stop, stop!! If you want to ask question ask one at a time!”. “Miss………Can we go there can you give me more information about that island.” with a nervousness on the face of Jessy.

  “It is not there, I guess. Many people say that it is an imaginary place. No one has researched this island for years. But one tried and found out about that island but his house blasted in an accident and with that, the papers were also gone. Now, I’m also too eager to search about that island! Come to my house this is my address.

 Lime Road,

Street No. 32

House No. 11

We will discuss this, tomorrow at 4 pm.”, said miss Mary. “Okay mam”, said Jessy.

My Intelligent Friends         

When Jessy went home, she got an idea that she can add her friends which were gifted with a very sharp mind. Then she went to their houses and asked them will they join her. She told the history of ‘The Green Island’. Her friends were also excited by listening to history and ready to join her.

The names of her friends were:

Judy- remembers every moment of life and knows the history of every past!

Marko- brain works like a computer and he likes to make gadgets that never fail!

Andy- likes to explore unseen places that were never discovered ever!

Mission Island            

Till the next morning, everyone collected information about the island with the help of their parents. They didn’t get much information about that island. But they tried and tried to collect more evidence.

   Till evening Jessy and her friends went to Miss Mary’s house. They shared the information with Miss Mary. They tried to relate maps, incidents, people on the island……… but did not get any relation for the island. Then they searched about that island on the web but, they didn’t get any evidence. Then they gave up. But then Andy scrolled up and he got the people who have gone that place. He then informed all of them. They clicked on that website they got many names there.

   They all tried to contact them, asked people about all of them but, all said that” They were all mad!!”. Then they all were surprised. Then they got the last and the final name ‘Tom’. It was their last hope. They asked about his house. They got his house and went there…………


Mr. Tom!!             

…………They went inside the house. It looked like no one had cleaned the house for years. They started finding Mr. Tom. There was no one there in the house. While walking Marko felled into a secret room. All came into the secret room, and what they saw was unbelievable. Marko was more surprised than others and Andy too. There were many time machines and other gadgets too.

   And Mr. Tom was asleep with some science books! Jessy woke him up. “Aaaaahhhhhhh”, both screamed like, they were ghosts! They started asking him for information. He was not answering. They requested him, told the story of the island……! He was surprised by hearing that story, he was ready to give information. All were surprised and Jessy asked, “Is that place really.” “Yesss!!!”, replied Mr. Tom. He was not remembering anything, he told, “We need to find the book which I had published and the book doesn’t exist now. It will be somewhere in this room." All started finding the book. Andy got the book. He gave it to Mr. Tom. Mr. Tom and told them that they need to make a similar machine to go to the island.

Machine Time!           

They asked Marko to make the machine as he was good to add it. Miss Mary, Mr. Tom, and Judy tried to make small gadgets for safety and collect more information about the island to know where they can stay. Andy and Jessy helped Marko in making a machine. Marko tried to make a machine that could travel the time which can take them to an imaginary place that is not seen ever. He tried to make the machine-like ball which would take less time to make it and would be easy to carry. He prepared it as fast as possible and he named it IPTB (Imaginary Place Traveler Ball). Everyone was busy doing their own work. Jessy was picking up some wires and parts for the machine and suddenly………


…………she felt some relation to the island and went into a flashback of the island. She saw something magical some mystery to solve. Something dangers she saw. She saw a young girl and a man with her.

    She immediately told her friends. Except for Marko, as he was busy making the machine. Then Mr. Tom said, “Have you been there?”. “No”, replied Jessy. “Are you ok”, said everyone at a time. “By my research of these many years show that, after the island was cursed, Raven’s evil powers cursed the people who went there. And because of this the people who went there get like these flashbacks of the island. Till now no one had got like this flashback, I guess you are the one who got the flashback. Can you go in your flashback again, means I can detect who where they and we can contact them with this machine.”, said Mr. Tom. Then Jessy sat on the machine she went again into the flashback; the machine detected the people with whom she met. They were not able to see their faces. They tried to make the picture clearer. And then………


Let’s Go                 

………Marko was fully finished with his work and he called all of them to see it. All were very happy to see the machine and because of that they forgot to see who were in the photo. They packed all things that they needed and Marko was ready with his machine. He set the location ‘The Green Island’ and pressed the ‘Go’ button!!! “Ohhh, wowwwww!”, all screamed with an excitement. And they reached to the island. What they saw was unexpectable.



It was not the place they imagined. The island was very beautiful. Now, they were very sure that the island was not cursed by the evil powers of Raven, and neither the island was destroyed. There were unseen creatures like unicorns.

Then they went inside the island and saw beautiful places. Mr. Tom said,” When I went here, it was not much beautiful! But now you see, it is totally beautiful and filled with trees, plants and greenery all around just like its name ‘The Green Island’ !!!!”. “Let’s ride on the unicorns! It was my wish!”, said Judy with big happiness on her face. They all were very excited to see new more places. They enjoyed a lot over there. They tried to write more information about the creatures on that island. It was evening and they enjoyed it a lot and were very tired. Andy searched for a place for them to stay. They took a decision to stay a few more days there and explore more places.

The night was amazing out there it was snowing and the weather was normal! The weather on that island was jaw-dropping. The next morning, they were feeling very fresh and again very excited to explore.

Who’s there                                  

While walking they saw someone very far, watering the plants. They went there very silently to check who is there. As they went near, the one who was watering plants ran away as she heard the noise of them walking towards her. She ran as fast as a cheetah. They all also ran towards her to see who was she. While running they saw many beautiful places. They saw a peak of the mountain. Then they also saw a beautiful waterfall. At last, they saw a palace in which the girl went inside. They followed her in that palace.

Is that you               

When they all saw her, they all were very surprised and when she saw them, she was little scared and was in a fighting position, as she thought that they are going to kill her. Then Andy said,” No, don’t be afraid. We are friends not enemy. Who are you? What’s your name?”. “My name is Raven. I’m the queen.”. All said with a surprised face,” What!! Are you Raven!”. Jessy said,” But, you destroyed the island, you killed people!”. “Nooo”, said Raven. Then they told her the story. She was surprised by hearing the story and she said,” It’s not the one. Yes, I lost my family but I did not destroy this beautiful place. The diamond chose me. I made this place more beautiful! Every day I watered my plants and grew my plants and trees. With my magic I cleaned the island!



“Then who told this wrong story!”, said Andy. “I’m the one who told this story. Before I was very greedy after the diamond. I wanted the diamond to rule the world. I took your help to come here. But when I saw the place once again, I realized and I was very ashamed about myself. I thought how can I now destroy this beautiful place. I thought that if I had told this story to everybody, no one would research this island and no one would come here. So, I would be the only one who can rule the world through the diamond. But I am really very ashamed about this.”, said Mr. Tom with sadness on face. All were very surprised. But they all forgive him.


Then Judy remembers something that she saw the image of that flashback as she saw her with her real father and her sister Raven and then Judy tells that she saw the people with whom she met. “Jessy!!! Raven is your sister!”, Judy said with a happiness on her face. Jessy and Raven both were very surprised and happy on hearing this. But then Jessy told, “I cannot leave my other parents alone there. I will come here on every Sunday to meet you!”. “Ok!!”, replied Raven. “We will also come!!”, all said.

And now every Sunday, everyone comes and they all play and enjoy. And all live happily ever after.

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