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A Tale Of River

A Tale Of River

2 mins

Oh! My dear listener.

I wanna tell you a tale of the river .....

A river which was born on top of a mountain ......just like we take birth on earth.

It starting growing slowly.

It started to flow similarly as we Walk.....and made a way to flow Down .made a way to flow down.

Just like we try to stand up...

Oh! Dear listener, the river reached the end of the mountain.

As we start going to school.

The river started enhancing its area.

Just like we clear the classes...

The river grew into big we receive SSC...

Next, it got confused about how to flow.

Just like we confuse to choose the group In inter.

Next, it made a way to flow 

Took all sand pebbles mud, water along with it. As we move with our pain, sorrow, family, friends, it mixed with another river as we get married...

It started flowing to the distance.

It washed away so many areas, people, suspected to drought etc.but yet moved on as we face financial crises., problems etc...yet move on.

Next, it mixed with a few more ponds.

Just like kids .and moved on for a while .ponds got mixed up into another river...and our 2 rivers again started moving on ...

Then finally the end came.

The rivers one after other mixed into the ocean similarly after a death we reach heaven life is just like a river .we should move on with the flow.and reach our destination... 

All The Best

Dear listener.

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