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sunanda singh

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sunanda singh

Fantasy Others

A Story of Intimacy

A Story of Intimacy

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A girl who used to be ordinary, learned something extraordinary...she realised if there is evil then there is goodness this world...and you can't explore yourself without accepting both...something was about to happen which was gonna change her perspective of believing things.

There is something special about him and that's made me write about a time… I have experienced…experience that leads me to the journey of exploration. The story starts with a girl who is very straightforward and simple. Relationship kindaa things was never her type and that is because she never believed in that and that girl is mee…however something was about to happen… well it isn't about something that was written in her destiny… it had to happen, you know it's like "doesn't matter how desperate you want someone or something…You can never have them until you take your step forward…" it all started when I got him on social media. So I have been talking to him for more than two month and I haven't seen him in person…now finally the day is here…

Evening time…I was sitting on a bench in a park, I was wearing blue high waist jeans and a blue semi deep neck top, my hair was open and I was wearing a red hair band. There was a secret behind wearing those colors. I was staring trees and enjoying the atmosphere after a while I took out pocket mirror and peered my face in it…I was wearing very light makeup including lip gloss, eyeliner and light foundation so I was looking okay I kept the mirror inside my jeans pocket, my eyes was like darning something, it was like I was waiting for somebody curiously…staring watch I was wearing, again and again after a while I decided to listen song therefore as I was about to plug earphone in my ear i sensed someone was standing behind me but before I could react somebody kissed my neck I gasped and closed my eyes…I closed my eyes because I came to know that my waiting time was over. When I opened my eyes I saw him…standing right in front of me…he was looking me…drinking me…so was I…he was wearing a blue navy shirt and a black jeans…I knew why did he wore that…so I smiled my secret smile, he was wearing a cap and there was something written on it…(SEMPER FI) that was very relatable to his profession and I could understand somewhere how much he loved his profession because it was somewhat relatable to me… I was seeing his cloths which was quite exposing his arms…he was wearing a black watch and I was watching every details…I was watching his knuckles…grips…his wrist…muscles of his arms and formation of all of them was like a warrior…I was watching his neck… his throat, his lips…strawberry lips, his eyes was not just a beautiful eyes however the eyes which act as a magnet and his hairs was acting as a plus point in making him more charming…so the whole package nobody said anything for a while. "Hii''- he said...

Silence from my side because I didn't say anything. I was just staring at him like a…like a whore? Thinking that he was beautiful... he was not just beautifull from his face but from inside to...

"Hey" you won"t welcome me? (he said again)

I stood up from the bench and hugged him tightly…spreading my both arms and holding his shoulder blade squeezing it at the same time because of fear…fear of what I felt, that might be I won't able to see him today again…I knew I have waited for long..i couldn't bear anymore waiting…however seeing him was like accomplished something…anyway that is what I came to know later…that time I just hugged and I was worried, my head was resting over his chest and his chin above my head..i knew he was surprised to, I didn't see him I came to know by change in pattern of his breathing..i always loved to listen his breath, I do whenever we talk over felt so peaceful to be there so I just decided to be there for a while..his hands was soothing me "it's okay"- He said and I lifted my face and said it's so peace here…my hairs lock were covering my face, he smiled and took his middle finger and took it (my hair lock) behind my ear and I moaned…slowly... something strange happened to me..some strange feeling ran in my body and I took my step back cautiously so that he wouldn't know that he was intimating me, I was happy I think more than that, we both sat on the bench together and I tried to be normal, silence stretched between us again…both were waiting for one another to start the conversation and looking at each other…like eye to eye, he turned his face towards my side and now we were making eye contact like there was an competition and I decided not to bat my eyelashes okay it's been a while and I tried my best to not to…I thought i could win over him but then he distracted me by coming closer to me and I got distracted and lose the game..i lifted my left eyebrow and he shrugged his shoulder…the conversation were happening by making gesture but then I decided to talk first by speaking of course, so I asked-

How are ya? (I asked spontaneously)

HE: Pretty okay! You?

ME: Now fine… (i said in a low voice).

He lifted his eyebrow but didn't say anything after a while

HE: I am sorry (he said in a low voice).

ME: for what? (I asked surprisingly).

HE: For being late…

ME: it's okay, you don't need to…

HE: Thanks (he said giving a nod)

ME: For what?

HE: For understanding me...

ME: Do I?

HE: Yes, you do…

I was looking him…his lips, he was exactly I have seen him on social media, not a bit of change I felt..I was feeling like I have known him from a quiet time…He saw me that I was watching his lips and when I came to know that he know I took my eyes off and stood up because I couldn't bear it, you know it was like whenever I read our previous chats (actually I always do) and all of a sudden he comes online from nowhere and I become inactive, it was just like that, so I stood and said- I think we should walk (saying without looking him). I started walking. He came from behind and held my hand and I tightened my hand in reaction, I tugged his hands in mine and we walked together. Nobody was saying anything after a while he asked a question by breaking the silence- Are you ignoring me? (he asked in curiosity)

ME: what made you think like? (I asked him spontaneously)

He looked at me and I rolled my eyes…and I stooped like I got what he meant..

HE: yeah, you got me (he said).

I didn't say anything and silently walked like I ignored what he asked but I knew I couldn't and sonner he is gonna ask me and I can't lie to him not because we made a commitment Nah we didn't…commitment is not everything isn't? Anyway I have always been honest with him so does he…so I couldn't lie to him and there he was…you didn't answer me (he said) that's because you intimate me a lot (I replied to looking at him). Oh, is that so baby…(he said and smiled at corner of his lips) he took his middle finger to his lips and rubbed it…he knew that distracts me and I stopped looking at him..i knew he knew that he does and he knew that I knew that he does anyway he doesn't has to do anything to intimate me…his presence is enough…he does make me wet everytime and he knows that to…I know I do same to him…but we just don't say…so I was walking with him…suddenly a cool breeze of air brushed over my face and it brushed my hairs which made my hair fell over my boobes…sudeeenly my eyes meet with his and I saw he was watching my hairs which feel over my boobs and when he saw that I saw him looking that he took his eyes off…and I smiled my secret smile….we were walking together and talking at the same time..talking was like he was asking something and I replied so I asked and he replied…so it was like silence was more than a dialogue and we were liking the silence more…coz it was speaking more than a words, I was enjoying the cool breeze air with warm intimating hand and soft green grass beneath my sole and after walking for a quiet time we decided to sit, there was a place like a shrub so I decided to sit there therefore I sat down there…I quite liked the area coz that was giving a quite privacy, I expected him to sit with me but he decided to lay down over the grass he rested his head over my lap, folded his hands his legs crossing each other on the grass…he closed his eyes…a ray of sun were falling over his face..which was leading to glitter his strawberry lips and reddens his cheeks so his ears…his eye lashes were brown…and I was watching his details which were exposing by sun…I removed the cap from his head and smelled it and looked him at the same time so that he wouldn't know and that thing(cap) has a smell of him…I wanted to keep it forever with me…his hair were reflecting quite brownish while exposing in sun…and I liked his hair just like he does like my hair…I started brushing his hairs with my fingers, my hair lock fell over his face… he took a deep breath like he smelled my hairs…still not opening his eyes and I was looking him only, do you have a plan to look me whole day ( he said in a low voice) and my mouth dropped open in surprise and finally he opened his eyes because he knew I was surprised but I didn't ask and replied "wish I could" ( I said in a very low voice that only he could hear it). Silenced stretched again…and air between us was thickening…something was building so intense..he was looking he was waiting for something…so was I…I remember he said I take my step back always…like I fear from exploring myself…this time I didn't take my step back and I decided to take a step forward to explore myself…so I did…I leaned more in hope that he would kiss me…but he didn't…like he wanted me to do that…and I got him…I launched myself over him and kissed him although I never kissed somebody before so it felt so strange at first but I did anyhow..trying to grab his lips but he wasn't giving me chance to do so…I felt how much he wanted me, how much he desired to have me…however before it could become more intense, I don't know how to kiss ( I said in a low voice)…do ( he was saying between each kiss) but..lemme…teach…you… between each kiss) still not stopping and he lifted his head and grabbed me holding my waist and that made me fall his side..he has done that's perfectly I mean lifted me like a I was lying on a grass and facing him…he grasped my waist and pulled me towards his chest…he was playing with my hairs than he lifted my chin leaned and kissed me slowly by holding my upper lips and did again he showed me how to do that now, I got it, I held his lower lips..because it was meant for me..and I started kissing him…not stooping..I lifted my one leg and grabbed him by that my hands was squeezing his shoulder blade, arms, his ass etc. yess baby he said..and I moaned at the back of my throat I explored my desire…I wanted to show how much I wanted him…how much I waited to have him…things went on…and after kissing him for how long? I touched my cheeks and they were whole wet and I came to know I had wept coz my exploration overwhelmed me…







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