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sunanda singh

Drama Inspirational


sunanda singh

Drama Inspirational

A Comrade...

A Comrade...

11 mins 24.1K 11 mins 24.1K


 Shasvat dreams of choosing the right path to reach his destiny comes true in real life…


A boy who used to live in a small village mobilized to the city with his parents because they wanted their son to be better in life…

The story starts with Shasvat who was very limited in everything got admission to a new school. Shasvat was very happy and excited about his new school. He dreamt about his new school and friends with whom he was enjoying however, nothing happened as he dreamt. He was very disappointed that he did not expect that, all these things were going on in his mind while he was sitting in his room. His room window was open, suddenly Shasvat ears caught a voice from behind 'Hi Shasvat' which interrupted his thoughts as he turned around he saw a tall, skinny boy was standing in front of him his hair was blond, his skin was more than fair and his eyes were blazing.

Shasvat: Who are you? How did you come into my room?

A boy: Whops! Aryan manavat my name and I came from that window (by pointing towards the window).

 Shasvat: Do I know you?

Aryan: Hopefully no but I do know you.

Shasvat: How?

Aryan: (smiled) Quite simple we are in the same school so…

Shasvat: Ohm! However, how did you find my house?

Aryan: I had seen you around your house day before yesterday you were wandering around your house and I was in this area so (by shrugging his shoulder) and I saw you in the school today, you were quite sad, alone lonely apparently so, I am here you can share with me if you'd like…?

Shasvat: (he was staring him blankly and said nothing)

Aryan: I can go…

Shasvat: Stay (he said).

Aryan: (smiled hopefully)

Shasvat: I had a terrible day; I did not expect that it could be as if this bad, I mean everybody was staring me as an alien land, nobody talked to me…

Aryan: Is that it?

Shasvat: Why I feel embarrassed, different every time? What can you do about it?

Aryan: (smiled) Well, there is nothing to do about it, I Devine…

Shasvat: I do not understand.

Aryan: That's why I am here…

Shasvat did not understand what he meant.

Aryan: When you try something, different from the same thing you feel different, you experienced different but because you have tasted it, the new dish the strangeness won't be long-lasting! So don't worry about it.

Aryan: Now, I gotta go it's late.

Shasvat: Which grade you are?

Aryan: 10th A.

Shasvat: Why are you helping me?

Aryan: Somebody has to…

After that Aryan went. Shasvat was confused but he seemed to be relieved now he did not think about his terrible day at all. The next day he was filled with hope and ready to face the new day again. Shasvat was sitting on his bench and busy in doing his stuff after a while a boy came and sat beside him and said "Hi" to him. Shasvat was surprised and replied "hey" to him

A Boy: What is your name?

SHASVAT My name (he replied)

SHASVAT: And yours?

I am Vijay let me introduce you to my friends.

 That is how SHASVAT became familiar with his classmates and his friends. He was very happy that day and when he came home from school, he found his mother was cooking, he went to her mother and touched her feet.

Mother: what is it boy (in surprise)?

SHASVAT: Nothing mum, it's just I forgot in the morning so… (Smiling).

Mother: Basket of blessing boy, now go and change your cloth I will serve you food then

In the evening Shasvat was waiting for Aryan so that he could share and appreciate him, therefore, he waited and waited but sooner he realized he would not come and he made up his mind for looking forward to meeting him the next day. (He will come tomorrow perhaps) he muttered. The next day he went to school now, he was a member of his group and sooner he became familiar with the same, which was different, he was trying to understand the dynamic environment. That day also he waited for him, all these things were wandering in his mind while he was sitting in his room suddenly he heard the sound of window churning, his mind clicked Aryan in his mind as he turned his head back to look, there was no one, It was just the wind. His face fell now he could feel that he will not come, after that, he closed his window and decided not to think about him. He was enjoying his school days with his friends it was as if that was his world. One-day he was sitting on his school playground and enjoying greenery after a while he looked from the corner of his eyes someone was standing there and watching him for how long suddenly he looked and saw a student well dressed was standing, of course, it was him Aryan "hi" he said

Shasvat was shocked and surprised at the same time but he did not say anything (staring confusingly)

Aryan: How have you been?

Shasvat: why didn't you come?

Sometimes a question is itself an answer for a question but sometimes an answer to a question is another question… he mumbled

 You did not need…

Shasvat: his lips pressed in a hard line.

Shasvat: do I need you now? (that's what he managed to ask).

Aryan: you will perhaps!

Shasvat: I don't understand.

Aryan: that is why I am here… (Suddenly switching his mind, he continues) A consumer goes to market and finds an attractive thing that was quite expensive but he brought it and when he came home he figured that was defective and he dwells on it, now whose fault was that? Suddenly someone tapped him from behind Shasvat why are you here? It was Malang. No, I just wanted to be here (he replied)

Malang: How so early?

Shasvat: he looked back and found he was gone.

Malang: you are looking for somebody?

Shasvat: (should I tell him, oh no I do not think so it is an even good idea) no let's go in the classroom.

Shasvat did not understand what he (Aryan) meant and to whom he was referring neither concerned to him so he ignored.

One day Shasvat was sitting in his room beside his bead. The window of his room was open, it was evening and lights of his room was still off, his eyes were filled with tears that could fall anytime suddenly he ears touched a voice "I can see you" he tasted the voice before so he stood up and turned on the lights. it was Aryan he was right but his eyes were hurting by lights, by brightness… your eyes don't want to let you escape from darkness…(Aryan said)

After a while, he saw him Aryan was gazing him however he didn't say anything he stared him back sort of scowling to him, and finally, his tears started falling from the corner of his eyes which were gazing him continuously.

"Don't" (Aryan said by rolling his eyes)

I do not know what to say, where to start, everything is mysterious.

Aryan: I am all ears…

Shasvat: Therefore, I was the consumer you were talking and I ignored it.

Aryan: Can you brief it?

Shasvat: They were never real, I heard them saying that I was never their friend they were making fun of me all of them including that girl I liked, she was with me all the time, and now how could I never smell?

Aryan: that is it.

Shasvat: Or what?

Aryan: Oh, no friend that's not it…

Shasvat: then what is it?

Aryan: why were you sitting in dark?

Shasvat: Coz I did not want to see anything…

Aryan: Or you!

Shasvat: His mouth pressed in a hard line.

Aryan: Come over here and stand in front of the mirror.

Shasvat: He did what he told.

Aryan: Look at yourself, what do you feel? 

Shasvat: (he did what he asked for it) ugly.

Aryan: (by standing behind him so that he could see his face) now tell meh how can you expect others to respect your mother unless you do it to yourself?

Shasvat: I do not understand…

Aryan: it is simple as it says how you can expect others to love when you itself do not even you do not like to see your face…

By hearing this Shasvat became speechless he did not say anything but stare himself in the mirror likewise he was lost in it…Shasvat was disturbed by her mother's voice she was knocking the gate, he opened the door of his room. Whom you were talking to? (His mother said by peeping in his room)

Shasvat: I was on the phone (he said without hesitation).

Mother: You okay.

Shasvat: Gah! Of course, mom I mean look at me (said by hiding his expression)

Mother: I am (saying in a serious and low tone).

I believe you will drag it out whatever it is anyway have your tea.

Shasvat mouth pressed in hard-line he could hardly afford a smile; he shrugged his head and closed the gate when she was gone. How could she suppose to know? but how could I suppose to know or understand her when I don't even understand me after saying that he realized something and saw the window and said "what are you"?(in a low voice). He went towards the window and closed his eyes he could feel the wind on his mouth after that he relished all stress from his mind and now it was just him. Every night he dreams of some foggy place where he found himself standing there, it was hard to tell the time it could be morning or evening and nothing was visible. A light was luminous, flickering from somewhere it was the only thing visible so he wanted to figure out what was that light, and where was it coming from? However, he could not see the path because of the fog. One day the fog clears out and now he could see the various paths and now he has to decide one path that could lead him to his destiny and then he walked. He did not want to get late for school so he got ready in hustle-bustle and then stepped out from his room but he stooped like he forgot something important he went inside and look himself in the mirror and smiled and then he went to the school. He was on the school ground with his new friends and playing and then he saw a girl coming towards him so I will see you all in the class (he said).

They seated under the shadow of the tree suddenly Shasvat asked what is it, Monika?

Monika: I wanted to ask you something (by clearing).

Shasvat: You can you know that.

Monika: Who is Aryan?

Shasvat: How do you know?

Monika: you wrote about him in your notebook but why didn't you mention it to me?

Shasvat: Monika I have not mentioned it to anyone.

Monika: But why

Shasvat: Monika, how can I make you understand something, which I do not exactly understand.

After saying that he stopped like he remembered something

Shasvat: I gotta go... I will be in class.

He went to the seniors building like he was in a hurry and stopped in front of a 10th class there was no teacher and because it was there lunchtime so he went in the class without hesitation his eyes were searching for something, someone? Hey! (He said) Do you remember me? We met earlier

A boy standing there still confused.

I asked you about Aryan Manavat at and you said he would be present today.

A boy: oh yes, so he is…just hang in there

Yes, how can I help you?

Shasvat was somewhat confused but he managed to ask you? Aryan manavat?

Yes, you doubt that.

Is any other with the same name?

Aryan: No bud, I think you got a wrong address bud that's just me in the whole class.

 Shasvat was shocked and confused I think so (he murmured) sorry to trouble you… and after saying that he moved out from there disappointedly, confusedly. Out of the building, Monika was watching him carefully Shasvat saw and went to her bit annoyingly because of the interruption. You still here?

I wanted to make sure you okay (Monika said hesitatingly).

Do I not look like he paused and closed his eyes after a moment he opened "I am okay" (he said) before any word could come out from her mouth, he interrupted by saying I think that is enough for reassurance.

"Yes," (she said)

When he came home, there was just one thing wandering in his mind that of a boy "I think you got a wrong address."He spent all the time in his room thinking about all things that happened to him. How he (Aryan) helped him and brings him out of the situation but when he came to know, he figured there was no such person. How bizarre that means all this time he was hallucinating! However, how could he hallucinate someone who doesn’t exist? Then he remembered the sentence "I didn't come because you didn't need me" oh boy, he came because I needed it and now he won't. All that time it was me… Shasvat stood in front of the mirror and smiled as if he understood everything he was searching for, then he took his notebook and opened, he was writing a story inspiring from things happened to him ( now inspired from himself), which was incomplete, then he sat beside the window and started writing from where he left. It was the title he missed after thinking of something he titled the story "A COMRADE". He was absorbed in writing so much that he wasn't aware of the time or anything, after a quiet day he needed peace so he stopped writing and leaned down his head on the table and closed his eyes. After that, he found himself in the place where he was choosing a path that could lead him to that light. finally, he chooses and started walking…A warm light-filled in his room and his lashes caught sun rays which his eyes weren't able to bear so he opened his eyes and observed that he slept on his desk and window open after thinking of something he took the pen and write a quote. "WHEN YOU SEE YOUR DESTINY THEN HOW COULD A ROUGH PLAIN STOP YOU FROM GETTING THERE"...


                    THE END

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