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Shobhit शोभित


A Rustic Student

A Rustic Student

3 mins

“Hey you! You will sit in the first row from now onwards.” My teacher was ordering me with a frown.

To hear her shouting at me was like an everyday affair now.

I came to Delhi, with a lot of hopes and dreams, to learn computers. My hometown was too small to have such facilities. It was fate of everyone to shift to Delhi or any other major city to pursue any career. I was a very homely guy and never ever visited other cities alone so I used to have a fear in talking to strangers. In my class, every one used to speak in English and I was not fluent in conversing in English so my class fellow along with my teachers used to consider me a rustic student. Though I was good in all subjects but my personality was not helping me.

Somehow I was managing in my class but facing hard time due to teacher and batch mates’ behaviour. As our examination time was getting closer so our teacher’s punishment was also getting intense. I was not having any computer at home and in class, we have to practice as per our teacher.

At last, the D-Day was scheduled tomorrow after a one and half month of studies. I was very excited for this exam as I heard that it will be done on computer and result will be ready instantly.

At examination, everyone was submitting his or her answer at separate computers. I was done with almost all questions except one. Few have completed their exam and highest marks till that time were 95, it was general perception that more marks than this is not possible. In the mean time, I have answered one more question and now only one question was unanswered.

I answered that question and right at that moment; my teacher came near me and whisper me to change the answer to a different option given there. I was not satisfied with her answer and did not change it. She again repeated same order; I looked at her but could not speak anything and just remain idle. There were other teachers also as it was examination so she could not say anything. She just went away saying “If you get failed, the see..”

There were still 10 minutes left but another teacher came to me and said, “If you have given answer to all questions, please submit your exam and finish it.”

“Please you do it Ma’am.”

“Why? Are you scared? Or want to change answer?”

“No, I don’t want to change any of the answer”

“Okay then, I am doing it. Please pray God for good score.”

I think she said that as a joke but I, actually, started praying to God the support.

“Congratulations. You have scored perfect 100.”

I was staring at computer screen for it may be a dream. I could not decide to dance or scream loud. I was lucky that I stick to my answer and did not change it.

Everyone was looking at me like I have turn out to be an alien.

My teacher congratulated me and I could just say, “It is because of your hard work on me.”

She asked me, “So you changed the answer?”

I could see pity on her face, when I said

“No, I did not”

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