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A New Bonding

A New Bonding

8 mins

Meera was stuck in the rain. She was trying to book a cab for the past thirty minutes to reach home. At last, she was successful. She sighed and said to herself "Thank God, hope the driver reaches on time, I hate this rain". After ten minutes she got a call from the driver that he was waiting downstairs. She hurriedly picked up her things from the supermarket and ran towards the lift. She was trying to locate the cab, but the rain was obstructing her view. Meanwhile, a cab driver waved his hand and asked her to stay there. He drove the cab close to Meera. He took the two bags that Meera was carrying and helped her get inside. She was very much thankful to the driver and settled down. Once the cab started to move on the main road, she said "Thank you Mr..... " and she looked at the mobile app to know his name. He replied "Vishal...Vishal is my name". She looked at him and smiled. He had a very charming face and a sweet smile. She was moved by his courteous and humble nature. He struck up a conversation with Meera so that she did not get bored during the forty-minute drive. He looked like an educated and well-versed person. She enquired about him and his qualifications. Vishal told her that he was a student pursuing Masters in Physics at a nearby college. In his free time, he drove cabs to make some extra money to meet his expenditure. Meera was quite impressed with Vishal's manners. Soon they reached SM Meadows apartment and the cab stopped in front of a huge gate. Meera got out, paid Vishal and hurried towards the lift.

Mr. Krishnan, her husband was eagerly waiting for Meera. Meera gave a smile and opened the door, she said "Sorry I thought I will be home by the time you come back from the office but this rain...oh gosh it was so tiring... she kept the bags on the table and went inside to make tea. After some three hours... Meera wanted to make a call to her brother but she could not find her phone, she searched every nook and corner of the house but there was no trace of the cellphone. She took Krishnan's mobile and called her number. It was ringing but no one was answering it. After trying several times, someone answered the call. She said, "Hello, this phone is mine I lost it, please let me know where you are, I will collect it".The guy from the other side said "Maam this phone is yours. I am Vishal, the cab driver who dropped you today. I will finish my trip and then come to the same place where I dropped you to hand over the phone". Meera was relieved after hearing this. She thanked Vishal many times and disconnected the call. She was lost in deep thought for some time and then went out to inform Krishnan about the lost phone.

Vishal returned Meera's phone as promised. This incident made Meera trust Vishal. Now she called up Vishal if she wanted to go out shopping, to the library, to meet friends and family. Vishal happily served Meera. He was on time and provided pickup and drop facility without any hassles. This went on for a long time and both became good friends. They discussed a lot while traveling from politics to cricket, from the fashion world to spirituality, from business news to gossip about neighbours. Meera and Vishal became very close to each other. Vishal now started spending more time with Meera. He became so close that he was treated like a family member. Mr. Krishanan was a bit irritated with this, but he did not utter a word. Meera cooked food that was Vishal's favorite. At least three days a week Vishal was seen in Meera's house. Mr. Krishnan noticed a huge change in Meera's behavior. She was always in a happy mood. Always humming her favorite songs, she dressed well and cooked with lots of enthusiasm. Neighbours and apartment residents started gossiping about Meera and her new boyfriend. Few called her names like characterless, shameless, etc. but Meera just ignored and continued to move on with Vishal. Finally one day Mr. Krishnan got a call from the Apartment Association Secretary to attend a meeting at 4 pm on the same day.

Vishal called Meera and asked her to meet him in a restaurant at the same time. Meera ignored her husband's request to attend the association meeting and stepped out to meet Vishal.

Mr. Krishanan went to the meeting hall and murmurs started. He looked around to see who was attending the meeting. Neighbours who were once close to Krishnan now avoided him. Secretary Manjunath stood up and waved his hand at everyone, gesturing them to keep quiet. Manjunath said, "Members we are here to discuss the issues and problems that we are facing in this apartment, so I request you to share your problems one by one in this open forum without any hesitation".

S.K. Dutta, neighbour of Mr. Krishnan stood up, "Members we do not have any issue related to the maintenance of this apartment. This time we have a different issue. Our apartment residents are indulging in wrong acts, this could harm our children and women as well". He looked at Mr. Krishanan and continued, "Mrs. Krishnan is going around with a cheap cab driver, we have seen her holding his hand and move around on the balcony and common areas. What examples are we setting to our children? This is not ok with us. Either they should stop all this or they should vacate the flat". Other members also joined him, "Yes I have seen Meera going with that guy". Someone else said that he had seen her in a restaurant with that guy... "Chi chi.. how shameless she is ... How come her husband was quiet about this.." "He must be having an affair with someone else one so he is quiet", someone ventured. Members continued to poke fun at Mr. Krishnan. Laughter, giggles and disgusting looks followed.

After some time Mr. Krishnan stood up and said, "My wife Meera is in love, truly, madly and deeply. I am seeing a new Meera after 6 years. She was not like this before, all of you are right. She has changed a lot. Let me tell you the incident that changed Meera. My son Sujay was the apple of our eye. Meera was very close to him. She loved him more than anyone in this world. One day while playing with his friends Sujay met with an accident in front of our house. Blood was oozing out from his head and nose, I took him in my car to the hospital. I tried my best to speed up and reach the hospital. Unfortunately, by the time I put him on a stretcher, he breathed his last. Doctors declared him brought dead. Meera and I were both shattered. Our beloved son was no more. Meera was devastated after this incident. It took a long time for Meera to recover. After meeting Vishal I could see a spark in her eyes, She was seeing Sujay in Vishal. If Sujay was alive today he would be of Vishal's age. She found her lost son in Vishal. The bond that they share is not in intimacy but a pure love between mother and son. I am married to Meera for almost 25 years and only I can understand the pain she had gone through. So please do not separate my wife Meera from her son. I beg you all. He folded his hands. wiped his tears and left the room.

Krishnan reached his apartment and opened the door. He found Meera sitting in the darkness. He went near her and she was sobbing. He hugged her and asked, "What happened Meera?" She said, "I lost my son again Krishnan, I am a loser..." her eyes filled with tears.

Meera reached the restaurant and found Vishal waiting for her at one of the tables. She hurried towards the table and sat in front of him. Vishal looked dull and sad. She struck up a conversation first. "So how come Vishal is giving treat here. Are you bored with my cooking? He said, "No nothing like that, I wanted to tell you that I am going. I am moving out of this place". Meera felt like thunder had hit her on the head. " Why Vishal? What happened?" 

Vishal replied that when he was returning from her place the day before he met her neighbor S.K.Dutta. He threatened him not to come there again. "I don't care what he thinks about me, but Mom I don't want people to misjudge you and your character. Even if we explain that the bond between us is like a mother and son nobody would believe us. Society will not accept us. I miss you Mom. Please take care." Saying this he gave her a hug and walked out of the restaurant.

After hearing all this Mr.Krishnan hugged Meera and said, "Last time I was late and we lost our son. This time I won't delay Meera. I will not let you down. Trust me, I will bring him back to us".

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