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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Regina S

Horror Thriller


Regina S

Horror Thriller

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 4

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 4

5 mins 558 5 mins 558

Chapter - 4

With a sudden heavy breeze, the letter flew from John's hand. His office was in the 13th floor from there it fell in the ground floor. He quickly got into the lift, got down in ground floor and ran in search of the letter and in spite of that heavy breeze, letter was still in the same place. He bent down to take the letter and someone came stood in front of him. John lifted his head to check who it was and he was agitated, he dropped the letter from his hand and said Roslyn? She smiled broadly, I can't believe my eyes, do you know how much I have been searching for you? Is this real or am I dreaming? She laughed out loud. He kept looking at her face.

"Now you tell me who is Roslyn?" asked the girl who stood in front of John. He blinked his eyes a few times and saw her again. She was 'Sandhya' his colleague; she repeated you gonna tell me who is Roslyn or should I call your wife? John was speechless, she kept calling him by his name, finally he came back to his sense, he looked at her and she asked, "What are you looking for John?

"Some important paper flew from my hand, I came in search of that."

"Do you need my help?" asked Sandhya.

"Not required, I will take care," said John. Sandhya said, "Ok, will catch up later," and walked away.

John searched for the letter again, he looked around and saw the letter stuck in a scooty's back wheel, he took the letter in his hand and turned to recheck if it was the same letter. John was in shock because the handwriting in the letter now looked like his own handwriting. He immediately took out the other letter which he wrote, he compared both and both had his handwriting. John was so much in confusion, he was lost and his phone started ringing. John took out his phone to check who it was and he immediately answered the call when he saw Sandeep's name.

"John are you busy? Has your doubt been cleared?" asked Sandeep. John told him about how Sandhya looked like Roslyn for him.

"Enough John, stop thinking about her, this is not done, you will go mad if this continues, I will definitely not help you to find Roslyn's details if you behave this way."

"I'm sorry dude, I will not repeat this again trust me," said John; "let me see, now get back to work I will call you later," said Sandeep.

John went back to his office, he straight got into the conference room and sat down recollecting whatever happened since morning. Finally as Sandeep said he came to a conclusion that it is because he is thinking too much about Roslyn, everything looks and feels like her. He decided not to think much about her and went back to his seat.

Fayaz had already started his work on the project assigned to them, John sat down took a pen, notepad and started writing something. Fayaz who was busy still had an eye on what John was upto. John forgot everything and got busy with his work, it was 6:30pm and one by one people started leaving. When it was close to 8pm there was a sudden power cut in the office for a minute and in that fraction of second he saw a white image in front of him. John rubbed his eyes and power was back. He couldn't see the image anymore, he thought to himself what's wrong with me? Why am I feeling someone's presence since yesterday.

He looked into his watch, it was already 8pm so he logged out and walked to the parking lot. He started his bike, adjusted the mirror and looked into it. He saw Roslyn standing in the corner, he quickly turned to check and there was none. He checked in the mirror again and no one was around; now this is getting too much, something is happening to me, as Sandeep said I might go mad if this continues. I should start diverting my mind; these were the thoughts running in John's mind.

While riding the bike John decided to divert his mind into something else. He decided to completely focus on the project assigned to him. It took 30 minutes for him to reach home, the minute he reached home Liya and Ziya happily ran to him in joy. John took both his daughters in his arms, kissed on their cheeks and asked them whether they had their dinner. They replied with a no for which John said ok I will go get freshen up and then we can play and have dinner together as I promised yesterday, the little ones happily screamed okay. Raising her eyebrows Jency asked, "Looks like you have forgotten me completely not even a 'Hi' to me." John smiled and walked into their bedroom, Jency went behind him saying I know you will have nothing to say because it's true that you have completely forgotten me. He pulled her close, hugged her and said you are my life and how can someone forget their own life and they heard a thud sound. They both looked around and a flower vase fell on its own and broke into pieces.

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