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the sheep regime

Fantasy Thriller


the sheep regime

Fantasy Thriller

A Dream Unknown, PT-1

A Dream Unknown, PT-1

7 mins 454 7 mins 454

//Chapter 1: the prologue//

"What is this realm? , from where has it emerged? , this world is completely different from the world that I know, It is really technologically advanced yet there is no trace of aura at all.

Such an advanced civilization filled with miracles unexplained, Like the tall night lamps which don't use candles or oil yet shines far more brightly, the extremely powerful projectile firearm weapons which compared to crossbow are far more superior and can fire rapidly without frequent reloading. 

And how not to mention about those large metal Carriage who runs without horses, but yet can travel much faster than the horses, indeed this world appears to be a realm made by legerdemain but is not a mere illusion, not at all".

These were the questions haunting Shin even since he entered the domain of this thaumaturgy like a realm in his dream. 

It's more similar to a lucid dream where he knew that he is sleeping yet he is very reluctant to wake up, in fact, it's very conflicting for him to call this phenomenon a mere dream because he knew that the dream is just an illusion created by the mind during sleep, but these dreams are way beyond the definition of mere dream, they were the manifestation of an existing world that contains its own civilization and the principles that bind its system.

 Shin doesn't know whose memory he is exploring. In his dream, The person he observes has a very similar face to him, yet he knew that this person is not him, neither he could remember any of his relatives with similar facial features as the one in front of him.

"No matter how numerous times I search, I don't think there exist a soul eligible to suffice my questions, for now, I can only observe, but one thing I am sure about, is that this is a real-world, it's a world somewhere which exist, it has its own civilization, but nigh is not the time to contemplate upon this issue, I must remember all the details that I learn here, no matter what, everything that I could learn here will help me to overcome the setbacks of our federation and will create many opportunities for us"

The curiosity in Shin's mind was ever growing with each and every passing day, It's now very normal for him to just dream about this strange world almost every day.

When the first time he found himself in this world in his dream, he merely thought of it as a normal dream but even then something caught his attention, it was the advanced level of civilization, and the Phenomenon behind everything he observes is just too much detailed for a simple dream, but that is not all, the biggest thing he noticed that this world is continuously changing with time, even the time and date he observe change whenever he visits this world in his dream.

After devotedly observing for a whole 6 years, Shin realized that this is not a mere dream, it's a whole moving world itself that exists somewhere but he is not sure where it is.

Shin searched for this realm in all the maps and the books he could gather, he researched books for every possible kingdom that may come close to the similarity of his dream, but all his efforts were in vain.

Shin is a very logical person who lives in reality, who do not believe in magic or tricky heresy. He was very sure that this world, where he always explore is not magical, but a very real manifestation and he just need to find a path to reach there physically, he compared the maps of both world to find if there is any connecting point between them, but he just couldn't find it, maybe, the connection between these worlds doesn't even exist at all.

After desperately trying for many years, Shin eventually gave up on finding a path to reach there. He just accepted that he just cannot go there physically for the time being, at least not for now, obviously, one must not give up easily, but sometimes, it is wise to know when to give up. Because it is not possible for every hard work to bear fruit. 

Sometimes it's just that the time is not right or maybe the way we put effort is actually the wrong way. 

It's the same as irrigating crops with seawater, though it may look like normal irrigation, the seawater will wither the crop and all your toil will be fruitless.

So Instead of getting amused every day, Shin dedicated his whole heart to observe this world to gather more information about their machines, science and technology,

As for results that Shin observed, for starter, this world is known as "earth" and there are 7 landmass continents with many islands, this world has its own distinct history and culture, even many races of humans, this world is blessed with many resources and rich in bountiful vegetation.

 Contrary to Ishkvak where there are only 3 continents, the Livable landmass of this world "earth" is without any doubt several times larger than that of Iskvak, and the most popular form of government is democratic republics and federations, through they had kingdoms and nobles in past, they were all thrown out of power by revolutions of people and the remaining ones are just puppet on the thrones. There are also some different ideologies of government policies like union, capitalist and socialist.

But for Shin, the most incredible discovery was the advancement of Firearms in this world, he was astounded by the destructive power of these peculiar weapons.

These weapons have a very huge deep and destructive impact on their war history. Even the way of battle is totally different here, the armies in this world fight under canal-like structure instead of high walls, which they call as "trench" and they engage in distance warfare instead of close combats like the hand to hand combat or sword fight. Even their close-range combat is fought with mini firearms which they call as pistols or revolver.

 He was fearful of these destructive lords of death but yet very astounded at the same time. From the assault rifles to a machine gun, cannons and artillery, which has replaced trebuchets, ballistae or catapults, and even new concepts like a mobile ship with a rotating cannon turret moving on chain-like belt supported by wheels, probably known as tanks? All of these new and peculiar things caught his interest same a candy attracts a toddler. As Shin was about to look for more details regarding earth through books, he suddenly felt someone calling his name

" Savant Shin"

"Who?" Shin got flustered after hearing someone calling his name, he calmed himself and then he left the library and looked around the streets, but he found no one,

"Pardon me Savant shin, but please, I kindly request you to wake up, our break time is over sir" 

 Suddenly he felt like the footpath beneath his shoes begin to crumble and immersed inside the earth. He observed all the corners of the streets, the buildings, the people and his favourite library, all of them begun to break and were scattering like a thin glass sheet that is hit by a hammer, Shin was watching the whole incident but he felt dizzy and begun to lose his consciousness in his own world, he felt like everything around him is getting sucked into a black hole, all the memories and visions that he watched until now were slowly disappearing into unfathomed darkness, In a moment there was nothing beneath his feet nor anything above his head but a whole thick black universe. Shin felt like he is drowning in the water yet there was no water, like falling from the cliff but there was no cliff, he was suspended there in eternal darkness without any sense of direction or his own existence.

After what he felt like an eternity, He slowly recollected his thoughts. A mild and gentle beam of light emerged in that eternal darkness which passed through his eyelids and illuminated the whole world, the sudden brightness after the darkness made it difficult to open his eyes. After struggling for few seconds, his eyes finally adjusted accordingly with the intensity of brightness and he finally regained his calm and woke up, only to find himself in his usual dark wooden room, where he slept in his chamber, in a posture where his head was resting on his desk which was quite messy with unorganised pile of parchments, while his body was placed on his old wooden office chair.

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