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kartik m

Abstract Romance Tragedy


kartik m

Abstract Romance Tragedy

You are the color of my dreams

You are the color of my dreams

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My heart is flipping, the breath is heavy, fingers fiddling,

There is something amiss, something meddling,

Colorful faces everywhere but you are missing,

My mind a snake now, silent one time then hissing,

Do colors have a meaning I wonder, without you by my side,

After all, you are my honor, my everlasting pride

Without you, the world is lonely, colorless, and desolate,

After all, everything comes down to fate.

Yes, you are here now, I can literally smell and tell,

As the closer you get, I tend to stammer and misspell,

The world has now turned rosy, regained its charm,

My palms are sweaty now and heavy is my arm.

My eyes like beacons in a lighthouse, spot you far away,

You meet my gaze like the first drop of dew meets a sunray,

You come towards me, with the same gait, purposeful and sure,

And when I see those sparkling eyes, I ask, can anything be this pure?

My mind and heart are on overdrive, a hapless mess,

Can you feel what I feel too, can you assess?

"#Happy Holi and #Rang Barse" are the words that come out,

They soothe my nerves, like rain after a drought

There is also him next to you, angelic, divine, and full of life,

Your little one, you are now a doting mother and someone'ss wife.

I let out a meek nervous smile, hoping to veil everything unsaid in my heart,

It brings back color-coded blue and red memories, right at the start,

When every holi, I would stand outstretched with gulaal in my hand,

Hoping to somehow possess courage from some sort of a magical wand,

To come over and lay my heart bare, asking you to color it with your smile,

But Alas, there was no wand, no magic to help me walk that mile.

It's you and your memories that color my life every day now,

Happy Holi to you, I finally utter and bow.

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