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Tamojit Das

Romance Tragedy Fantasy


Tamojit Das

Romance Tragedy Fantasy

Yes!! That’s You

Yes!! That’s You

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Walking on the path of life, the road which I have chosen, 

Without any fear of the future and dream of being woven;

But the warm sunshine of winter touches my heart on the very morning,

And took it way to you without letting me to know the beginning!

That sunshine is nothing, it’s you in disguise,

Robbed my heart and left me like intoxicated in weed. 

It's not that I have never seen a more beautiful girl than her,

But I don't why I can't stop my eyes from her. 

Though she turns her curly hair to straight, 

But she remains always to me as the best. 

The beauty in her eyes and happiness in smile,

Never let me move my eyes from her for just a while;

I haven't seen any angel, but she is exactly that!

Her tender lips always tell me there is still something left.

Though she didn't talk to me and meet me for years,

But when we met again it was like we are together for eras. 

Destiny is testing me again and we become strangers, 

But we will be together again as she is the one who maters.

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