Tamojit Das

Romance Fantasy


Tamojit Das

Romance Fantasy

Beauty And You

Beauty And You

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No matter how beautiful you dressed up,

No matter how the hair is tied,

Yet you are carrying the best beauty in you. 

Drowned in those two eyes, what hypnotic are they!!

Love lives there, which is the door to your heart. 

Beauty is not just that under lips mole,

The true beauty that is reflected in your soul. 

Show passion with your love, 

Give yourself this endless beauty that only grows.

I want to be drowned in those two eyes forever,

The unconscious that I have been in your eyes, 

To leave this world of fantasy,

I want to hold your hand in this wonderful creation.

From the black curled hair that you had as beautiful as you were, 

So, even today, my heart is not able to move.

The beauty of you is not only in my point of view,

As you come, I understand what a beauty it is.

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