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Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Abstract Inspirational


Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Abstract Inspirational

Wings Of Muliebrity

Wings Of Muliebrity

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Shades of melanin, dark or bright,

Glistening aura emitting light.

Roots of life and stems of care,

Fluttering wings in morbid air.

Florid dreams to conquer earth,

Whims to earn some coins of mirth.

Like an angel through her world,

She spreads out blissful love unfurled.

Pondering on her scattered whims,

She weaved each fleck of ardent dreams.

To make a world with love and trust, 

Where future holds no wrenching dust.

Faces she has that holds new roles,

A mortal cage with vibrant souls.

Each new trait, she plays her part,

Honest vibes have groomed her heart. 

A mother she is, to salve her child, 

From lousy winds and gruesome wild.

To groom his days with utmost care, 

And make him cherish his worldly shares.

Her days are adorned with selfless deeds,

To stay by those who groan in needs.

To strive each day with exuberance,

And help each one get a better chance.

A sister she is to boost her brother,

And keep him safe from bothering smother.

To hold his hands in strife and pain,

With no thought of selfish gain.

A daughter she is with festooned hairs,

A loving soul with ablaze shares.

Daddy's doll with hopes to fly,

To kiss the waves of the scarlet sky.

Yet at times for mundane deals,

She stands in gloom with broken feels.

Her priceless tears drench her face,

Her entwined thoughts in fits enmesh.

With growing tinge of crimson vibes,

Amorous wind, her soul, it drives.

Into the lanes of erotic storms, 

Her heart too craves to break the norms.

To marry the man who hued her dreams,

Who embossed deep her floating whims.

To stride on shores of fervent life,

As his beloved worthy wife.

Vibrant roles she holds with care,

Like a mate, her graceful air;

Wafts through affable bonds on earth,

She is a girl, with a gracile heart.

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