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Parul Mahajan



Parul Mahajan


Will You, Father?

Will You, Father?

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Will you tell ''em father?

When they ask you if you loved your daughter,

When they say that she couldn't possibly deserve your affection,

Will you tell 'em about that trophy lying on your table saying 'world' s best dad'?

When they ask you if your daughter ever really listened to you.

When they ask you if it was ok for her to chase her stupid dreams and leave yours,

Will you tell 'em about my poems?

My spoken word? And the way I smiled when I talked about the cities I want to see?

When they say that your daughter has brought shame to the family.

When they say she probably had an affair and hence ran away

Will you tell 'em about yours?

About how you brokey mother's heart and yet were forgiven without asking for forgiveness?

When they ask if you'll ever be able to forgive her

Will you? Father

Tell th'em about our darkest secret?

About how you've managed to hide my assault so well, your pretense se'ems effortless

Tell me then, father

Will you?

And if you will?

I might as well stay.

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