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Shreya Vijay



Shreya Vijay


What's In Your Colour?

What's In Your Colour?

2 mins

Black, white, fair or dark,

Your colour doesn't define your spark.

You can be dark but still glow bright,

You can be black and still have the light.

Racism is nothing but an orthodox concept.

And it's all in the people's mind set.

This is not the era of Beauty and the Beast.

Have some common sense at least!

Racism is still omnipresent.

It's another addition in the list of things, unpleasant.

Let me narrate a story dear,

Which will make my point crystal clear...

There was once a girl, brooding and dark.

Yet she had the undeniable spark.

She was a quick learner, yet labelled a fool,

And because of her complexion, she was bullied at her school

Everyday she was beaten black and blue.

Why? The little angel had no clue!

They hit her at places where everyone could hear her shouts,

Yet no one ever came out or expressed a doubt.

They all said things which shouldn't be said out loud.

Merely because of her dark complexion, she was left wallowing in self doubt.

Because of the mean things her peers did and said,

She started thinking, she was better off dead.

Everyday she started hiding behind a masquerade.

No one even bothered to see through her facade.

Then one fine day, she'd had enough!

And that was the day, she broke off her cuffs.

Don't you racists feel like a disgrace?

How can you even look at your own face?

Knowing you entirely ruined someone's life,

Before the person even had a chance to strive.

What if it had been you?

What if you were a victim of racism too?

Would you be able to endure it all?

Or would you also take the fall?

Dear, life is not too long as you expect.

So start treating everyone with due respect.

You don't know anything about anyone's life,

So why not be the reason today someone smiles...

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