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We Are Nuts

We Are Nuts

2 mins 360 2 mins 360

Playing sad symphonies and crying every day,

Is as easy as inviting sadness for a date,

The menu has,


A scar on the heart,

It is a special dish called CRY HEART OUT,

Dont worry about the prices,

Dont worry about the crises,

Dont worry about its taste,

It will satisfy you,

As the cheif is everyone in your life,

The person to whom you left your last text,

The person you are thinking about right now,

The person whose last call log is visible,

The person sitting next to you,

May be your lover,

Pronounce your bestfriend,

What about the family?

See here we dont have lavish facilities,

As the hotels of Taj,

Serving food exclusively,

The best of all,

The minute you take your plate further to be served,

You are done hitting forks on your skin,

As it is killing you every day,

Again you hunt your earphones,

They must be lying where you expect them to be,

Maybe in that drawer, you open forty-five times in a day,

Maybe on the table that is kept in your bedroom,

Only your music speaks about the vibe you are witnessing,

Your trembling tear receives relief as it falls down from your chin,

You switch yourself to the happy playlist,

The candlelight dinner date is done, honey,

Only because you found someone inviting you to laugh and live,

Maybe your best friend called you?

Maybe your best friend did facetime,

Annoying and laughing you forget everything,

You both bust out in laughing aloud,

That it takes other people realise,

Are two really off minded jerks are talking.

Your best friend is the reason,

You heal yourself every time,

You make yourself realise,

If there is a love between two people,

It isn't only between a boyfriend and girlfriend,

Loving them isn't about categoring yourself as gay or lesbian,

But about realising that there is a different rapport you hold with them,

Abusing isn't shit,

But it's about those frank boundaries,

Short forms are often spoken,

So as to assure nobody and nobody else,

Can understand what is the reason of you two speaking,

Oh honey, let me assure you,

Let me hit the hammer on your brain,

Drill a hole into the hippocampus of the brain,

You need not hunt love,

When you have your best friend to be loved.

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