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Manaswini Dash



Manaswini Dash


Village Road

Village Road

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A long queue of unwanted children on my village road

With their dry face expressing the pain of deprivations and pangs of hunger 

After successful departure of so many decades from the benevolent heart of Village 

No progress, no development and no fruits of prosperity

I couldn't suppress my tears exploring the dilapidated condition of that unpaved road

Where I was exploring the pristine beauty of the ripe corn field

Where I was competing with my friends in race

Where I was relishing mangoes carrying my school bag

And gathering the red gravels from it to throw them into the holes on its heart

On this road I was wandering with my friend on my bicycle

How did I erase the memories accumulating the fragrance of town?

How did I wipe off the immense contribution of my village road?

It has become inordinate delay to ensure revamping on the heart my beautiful village road

But this is the generosity of my village which has never knocked the door of town for its survival

Now the time has reached to rescue the red road from the ramshackle state

Though it is sprinting toward demolition

I will renovate it, beautify it and exhaust my endeavors to make it a passenger

On the way of development

Despite its deterioration, I could feel the inner beauty of my village road 

Which oozes its elegance embracing red gravels.....

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