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Hinal Mhatre

Abstract Children


Hinal Mhatre

Abstract Children

Unveiling The Summer

Unveiling The Summer

2 mins

I had planned us, inside my head

You were a part of it, to you though I never said.

I have been doing the same things over and over again

Just that I always manage to change the name.

Don’t know what’s wrong with me, repeating the sessions of self assessment

To find the answers with the bull’s eye question and statement.

I don’t know what the quest was, is or ever will be.

A slight difference now- lays changed the sea

I never confessed to you then, never felt the need to

Now I do, but my spontaneous guts got lost somewhere in the blue.

To get it straight, I fell for the first rays of sun (OMG! It too blushed for me)

The sea knew it and arranged a rendezvous, though she fancied the sun too.

None of them knew what went on in each other’s mind- the sea is an exception

For the crystal blue reflected both of them, the nascent young temptation.

For reason’s I don’t quite understand, she parted a way for us to meet

“I’m happy and I’m sad” she had said then, while the waves skipped a beat.

After that, all the three were somewhat dazed, for it was a surreal epiphany

The rays were preparing, the constellations turning panicking symphony.

All of a sudden, the friends who had their goofy talks

Stitched their lips and blabbered some lies to fill the awkward, silent walks.

The waves threw up a bottled message to admit that it catches feelings too

The rays taken aback, the constellations unable to react on what was true.

The first rays of sun distanced themselves - from whom? the sun himself.

The sea was silent, ignoring the sky while my stars went deaf.

How do I frame it up, so that it doesn’t just portray myself but them too,

Without mentioning their identities, unveiling the metaphors like summers do?

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