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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Classics


Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Classics

Unexplained Love

Unexplained Love

2 mins

Unexplained love...

I don't know when and how it happened

But I went to give him someone's message

I knocked on the door and he said ' come in '

In his manly but a gentle voice and I opened

The door, we looked at each other and it 

Was like so electrifying and for a moment

We forgot that we are in the office and I came 

To tell him something, which I told him 

And believe me, the situation became so 

Much embarrassing to both of us, I just 

Returned back to my seat and my heart was 

Still beating so fast, and my eyes got 

Astonished. To see his charming look and 

Personality and the same way I think he was 

Astonished to see my beauty, simplicity 

And the charming face ...is this called ' love at 

First sight ??? ' 

Unexplained love...

We initially started avoiding each other at 

Workplace because it was so sudden and

Unexpected that both we didn't get the 

Meaning and what's happening exactly

But after some days, when feelings calmed

Down and embarrassment settled downed

We realized that it's so, normal and natural

And we started pretending that we are 

Colleagues and behaved normally to hide 

From other colleagues and seniors but it 

Became difficult at times . .....

Unexplained love...

If I see him talking to other females in 

Office and laughing with them that used to 

Make me feel jealous, which I believe he 

Understood, he too didn't like my being 

Friendly with other male colleagues

But everything was just spoken by eyes

Nobody knew that something has already 

Started between two of us, it was hidden 

Within, inside expressions between two of 

Us, still unexplained and unexpressed in 

Words but still so beautiful and pure it was...

Unexplained love... 

There was no need for words just looking 

At each other and greeting ' good morning ' 

To each other was enough, if either of us is 

Absent then missing that person and quietly 

Trying to know why ?????

Days and months went like unexplained 

And unspoken but love and feelings were 

Blossoming in us and unknowingly that was 

Said by him, in front of all .....' i love you " 

At the wedding of an office colleague and it 

Became a ' news headline ' in office the 

Next day. And it relieved both of us !!!!!! 

As the unexplained love was finally

Expressed and known to all !!!!!!

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