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If you ever come back

I'll tell you

How much I loved you.

How beautiful my life had been

With you.

Cause the only reason of

My wide smile

Was you.

Your voice being

My Favourite Song!

Remembering those days

When there used to be nobody

But you and me.

Smiling on glancing

Each other's lovely faces.

Even the silence

Spoke of all those emotions.

Your face and shyness conveyed

All your love.

And that chocolate which

I ate from your hands.

Was the best one I ever had.

Those songs that you dedicated

Still ringing in my ears.

No moments being

When I was alone.

Cause I knew

You would be with me always.

You were the one

Who understood me the most.

Without even me speaking.

You became the solution

Of all those thousand problems of mine

In this world.

I'm still missing

Your sugary "I love you"

Your senseless jokes.

Your cute laughter.

You sending me endless heart loops.

Your cheerful face

making my anger cool down.

And now,

I'm craving for a glance at you.

Waiting if ever my phone would ring

From your call or a message.

Or those sweet texts.

There is no option left now

But to wait.

Wait if you would ever come back.

And go for a long walk with me.

You left me

shattered and broken.

You left me

When I needed you the most.

But why.

Although my life is now fine

But yet incomplete

Cause of your absence.

What happened to you?

Cause this is now the question left


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