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Sound Of Silence

Sound Of Silence

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Living alone for the whole day

When you have nobody with you

Except those four walls,

Standing like dumbs and deafs.

Making you realize

That eventually 

Human is alone in the world.

Or when you shut yourself

In that world of darkness.

Where even silence shouts at you.

And makes you sink in 

A gloomy and depressed life.

The silence that 

Kills you everyday.

Silence that screams and mocks you

For all your foolish actions.

This silence of heart,

Which it seems,

Destroys your internal peace.

Still a hope exists

And you drag yourself out

With all your might

To get out of 

The trap of silence,

That you are drowned in.

You persevere

And change your perspective

You get to know that 

Silence surrounding you always sounded

"You deserve a lot more."


Silence always sounds as

You wanna hear it.

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